This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Macy's. All opinions are my own. I  did receive product in exchange for my post. 
     As Mother's Day approaches, most of us take the time to think about what amazing moms we all have. I know that for me, I take the day to thank my mom for teaching me to be an accomplished woman and a strong role model for my own children. My mother is beautiful and strong and made me who I am. What about all the other moms, the mothers all over the world? Macy's recognizes those amazing moms. The beautiful women who are trying to make better lives for their children in Haiti. Heart of Haiti is now in its sixth year of helping Hatian mothers achieve economic freedom by selling handcrafted goods. I purchased two of these handcrafted items, and you can see them below. 
     The first Fair Trade item I got was the 100 Good Deeds Grigio Bracelet. This bracelet does come in two sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you best. This is a beautiful bracelet that is a daily reminder to do good for others. The adjustable nylon cord is handcrafted by women in Haiti, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, India, Bali and the U.S. and is strung with 100 glass beads and a rubber ring that slides over each bead to count your good deeds. There are 100 beads and a rubber circle. Each time you do a good deed, you move the circle forward over a bead. The bracelet is available in various colors and makes an incredible gift. 
     The second Fair Trade item I received was the Heart of Haiti Oval Tobacco Leaf Tray. This is a stunning tray perfect for entertaining. The tray is handcrafted in Hati and part of the fair trade collection in partnership with Global Goods Partners. The tray is made from dried tobacco leaves; hardboard bottom and wood handles. It is a very natural piece that adds a unique addition to any collection. 
     By purchasing items from the Heart of Haiti collection, I am not only receiving handmade items, I am also supporting proud and passionate women who work to make a better life for their families in Haiti. These incredible women represent a proud and hardworking group of women who believe in their art and care about their children.  
     Macy's developed the Heart of Haiti line to represent these stunning handmade items of the Haitian women, but to also support their effort of establishing sustainable income to support their families.This program employs 550 artisans while effecting 4,500 others in a positive way. 
     So many of these women have unique stories. For instance, there is Yvette who employs and manages a number of artisans. She supports her own child, her nieces and nephews through the orders she gets from Macy’s. Without Heart of Haiti, she would not be able to achieve her dream. See more about Yvette in this video here. 
     Learn more about the Heart of Haiti line and shop now by visiting the Macy's site here.  Pick up a gift for Mother's Day now and support Mom's everywhere! 
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Macy's. All opinions are my own. I did receive product in exchange for my post. 


Robin Abrams
05/08/2016 5:17pm

I love buying hand made products to help support good causes.I really love that Tobacco Leaf Tray

05/09/2016 4:44pm

So many nice looking items to buy. I never would have thought one could use tobacco leaves in a positive manner.


Title of this blog is very impressive because here writer mentioned "heart of Haiti" which is very attractive sentence for readers. There we can see many other pictures which are inspiring for us therefore, we should thank writer for sharing this stuff.

05/12/2016 2:56pm

Would be nice to buy interesting products and support a good cause as well.

Sara Theissen
05/14/2016 1:22pm

I love their cause! That tobacco tray is something else though! Absolutely beautiful.

Heidi Dudley
05/14/2016 8:23pm

This cause touches my heart. We all take so much for granted, at least I know I do. These mothers in Haiti are just hoping & praying for their next meal. I believe in paying it forward. This is a prime example.

Sherrie C.
05/15/2016 10:00pm

I love handmade products and the Tobacco Leaf Tray you purchased is really nice! Thanks for supporting and sharing this wonderful cause :)


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