As part of the Mom Select blogger program, I received compensation for my Peter and the Wolf In Hollywood post. All opinions expressed in the post and video are my own. 
     Every parent wants to expose their child to the arts, and what better way to do it than through an app that they can access anytime and anyplace? This function makes the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app priceless. It introduces children to classical music while putting a new twist on Peter and the Wolf and immersing your child in the story. This brilliant app was brought to life by the production company Giants Are Small, and you will absolutely fall in love with this new tale. The entire story, along with each of the characters is narrated by Alice Cooper. Yes, the rock legend himself, the Alice Cooper, who does an astounding job of bringing each of these lovable characters to life right on your phone or iPad. 
     This app lets your child get to know Peter, a little boy from Russia. Peter is visiting his grandfather who lives in Hollywood and is also a hippie. This super cute story follows Peter as he hunts down a fugitive escape wolf, explores living in Hollywood, and much more! This is a riveting story that will keep you and your child enthralled until the very end.
     The app is for the iPhone or iPad, which is perfect for on the go or travel. In the iPad version, there are also games and an opportunity to explore the music. I also love to use it as a bedtime story. The "Find A Scene" feature is perfect for this! It allows you to pick right up where you left. In the "Parents" section, it is even broken down into perfect bedtime reading for you! They recommend:
First Evening: scenes 1-13 (10 minutes)
Second Evening: scenes 14-23 (13 minutes)
Third Evening: scenes 24-49 (25 minutes)
This is how our family used it and it seemed to work out very well. This way, it was not overwhelming and it gave my son and I time to discuss what we had just watched before bed. He loved the story and the characters. I found it animations absolutely amazing and the story charming! 
     There is one in-app purchase you can choose to make for $1.99. I appreciate it was well protected, so your child cannot just click to purchase if they want to. It is in the parent section, where you have to click and hold the button for two seconds to access.
     Overall, I found this to be an incredible app that I would absolutely recommend. It is perfect for children three and up. Find out more by visiting the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood website to download and be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter
As part of the Mom Select blogger program, I received compensation for my Peter and the Wolf In Hollywood post. All opinions expressed in the post and video are my own. 


monique s.
06/03/2016 9:34am

It is so great when it can be interesting for the adult too. Makes it more engaging for both parent and child.

jeanette sheets
06/03/2016 11:40pm

love that i can realate as well as my child to this ,makes it more fun and interesting

Lyndsey R.
06/04/2016 6:59pm

This is very cool. Something my son would enjoy and needs for the summer to keep him busy.

Amy Deeter
06/04/2016 9:23pm

Sounds like a very interesting app.I might just download this to check it out

06/06/2016 4:04pm

This sounds like a great app! I love the storybook apps for my kids. They really seem to enjoy them. And I feel like they are learning while they are playing!

Kobi Hensley
06/07/2016 9:44pm

What a great app!! Engaging to children with setting limits on tech time

06/14/2016 1:02am

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Heather Amos
06/14/2016 7:05pm

This sounds like a great App. Thanks so much for sharing. Will have to check it out


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