Everyone has always dreamed of being a squirrel and jumping and frolicking in trees, right? Wait, thats just me? Well, in any event you are still going to love Go Ape! It is a treetop adventure park that is going to have you acting like a squirrel, or an ape, if you would prefer. Our family, minus the mini since it is ages 10 and up, went to spend the day at Go Ape! it was a total blast and a must do if you are in the Pittsburgh area. The best part is, even if you dont find yourself in Pennsylvania, there are Go Ape locations all over. See if there is one where you live
So, the day started out early since we had to drop the little man off at the grandparent's house. He had a full day of being spoiled and his own adventures planned. Then, we were on our way. In order to go to Go Ape, you should really make reservations, which you can do by phone or online. If you just show up at the door, there is a good chance there will not be availability. We planned our adventure a few weeks in advance since there were five in out group and we wanted to specifically go on a Sunday. There are some rules and restrictions you have to be aware of before considering a trip:
Minimum age: 10 years old
Minimum height: 4ft 7in (55 inches)
Maximum weight: 285 lbs (subject to harness fit)
Supervision:  One participating adult (18+) is required to supervise up to two 10-15 year olds. 16-17 year olds do not require a supervising adult, but do require a waiver signed by their legal guardian or an adult (18+) who has obtained permission from the 16-17 year olds legal guardian.

​We swung from the trees at Go Ape, in North Park which is north of Pittsburgh, PA. This location is only about 20 minutes from our home and we are always at the park. It is an amazing location for Go Ape and the one thing I really love about it is nature lovers are going to be addicted as soon as they step foot here. North Park is a 65 acre lake with everything from kayaking to an ice rink. So, once you are all done at Go Ape, you wil definately have more fun to go find. 

​The check in process at Go Ape is super easy. They have the usual forms that everyone participating must fill out, if you bring a child under 16 then an adult will be signing for them. That adult will also be accompanying the child through all of the course. So, you will be resposible for showing them the ropes, making sure they are latched, etc. I signed for my daughter, so I was her guardian during the outing. This meant I made her go first on the courses, after I checked her harness. 

​After getting harnessed up, we were ready to go. Our guide led us to a practice area where we learned the ropes. There, we were taught the proper way to atteach the carabiners to the lines and ourselves. It is a simple process, but you need to pay attention, because this is what keeps you safe and in the trees. 

​From there, we were ready to go. The first line was a small zip line that was more practice just to gain your footing. You climbed a ladder, walked across, and then zipped down a short line. Then, it was time to go to the actual course. 

​In Go Ape North Park, there are 41 exciting crossings to include the Double Stirrups, Bosun’s Chair, Flying Carpet and Spider’s Web, 2 Tarzan swings and 5 zip lines. The great part is, there are some more challenging areas:  the Pirate Crossing and Chantemerle Bridge but if you are not wanting to try them there are alternative crossings. 

​Overall, it took us about 30 miutes to get through training. They make sure your are completely comfortable before allowing you to proceed. Then, we were in the course for another 3 hours. You can stay for as long as you wish and it is a ton of fun. If you aren't keen on heights, this is one you need to sit out. There are areas you will be WAY up in the air and it isn't for the faint of heart. The good news is, you don't have to sit at home. Observers are allowed to come and check out the fun from the ground and cheer on their friends. 

Some Tips For Your Adventure:
-Wear comfy clothes! There is climbing, flying, etc. You cannot do this in heels, skirts, tight jeans, or any others sorts of clothes. Be comfortable and enjoy. 
-If you are taking a camera or phone make sure you have somewhere to keep it! 
-You will get dirty! 
-Book an early time so you dont feel rushed. Late in the day times tend to get crowded. So, if you don't want to have a group or two behind you, book early in the day. 
-Have fun! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


05/31/2016 8:17am

That looks like great fun. I want to try it sometime.

sheila ressel
05/31/2016 8:31am

Oh that looks like so much fun. I'll have to check to see if there's one of those near me.

Dan Mooney (Go Ape - Site Manager)
05/31/2016 11:59am

I'm so glad your family had fun on our course and hope to see you back real soon!

See you in the trees!

Becky RIchardson
05/31/2016 3:05pm

My grandkids would love this.

Richard Hicks
05/31/2016 6:04pm

Looks like a whole lot of fun!

05/31/2016 7:33pm

Commenting for contest.

06/01/2016 9:36am

This looks like so much fun! Gave me great ideas for our vaca this year also!!!!

william gossage
06/01/2016 6:59pm

This sounds like it be a great places to go to have fun

Sherrie Brettelle Jacques
06/02/2016 9:56am

That looks like some amazing run for the family!!!

jeani b
06/02/2016 10:17am

there is not one where i live.mydaughters are too little anyway though. for now. i love these adventure courses. what a good family fun time!

Dawn Monzu
06/02/2016 6:52pm

Wow! You are much more brave than I am! It looks like fun, but if I actually was all the way up there...I would probably freeze in fear! I have a MAJOR fear of heights! God bless you though! haha

amy stonger
06/02/2016 7:12pm

Wow!! That is so cool! I know you guys had a blast!

06/03/2016 7:13pm

This looks like fun!

Amber Ludwig
06/05/2016 9:03am

Oh this is so fun!! Very similar to the ropes course!! Super neat!! My son is a little young yet but I can't wait till we can do crazy things like this!!

Lia Chang
06/05/2016 11:02pm

This looks awesome!!!

Dani H
06/05/2016 11:16pm

The entire park sounds amazing with everything it has from Go Ape to the lake.

My grandson would absolutely love this! (Me, not so much because I have vertigo.) Thanks for the review.

michele soyer
06/06/2016 4:38am

This is perfect for my grandchildren and if my son was small he would have loved this for himself.. even now he would go on it he is like a big kid.. thank you....

06/06/2016 10:56am

This looks like a BLAST! Finally climbing and fun for adults too!

carol clark
06/06/2016 1:53pm

this looks like a fun time o my i wish there was one by us but there isnt

06/06/2016 4:01pm

This sounds like a blast! There are so many fun aspects to this. The lake would be a lot of fun and so would the Go Ape feature. I would love to bring my family here!

06/07/2016 1:47am

This looks like so much fun! I think I'd probably enjoy it more than the kids would LOL

Christy Maurer
06/07/2016 1:20pm

That looks like so much fun, but I don't think I'm brave enough!!

Catherine C.
06/07/2016 2:51pm

We have one near us--I've always wanted to try it!

Edna Williams
06/07/2016 5:32pm

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Brooks
06/07/2016 10:02pm

Looks fun if I was younger and not worried so much with aches and pain

06/08/2016 7:54am

Woohoo! This looks like quite an adventure.

Terry Cross
06/10/2016 8:59am

That looks like so much fun for the whole family

Francine Anchondo
06/10/2016 6:13pm

This looks like a lot of fun.

Deb Pelletier
06/11/2016 2:22pm

The boys would love to do this. Thanks.

Sara Zielinski
06/12/2016 3:04pm

sounds like a fun adventure.

Corey Olomon
06/12/2016 4:07pm

That like so much fun!

Betsy Barnes
06/15/2016 11:43am

How fun! Looks like the perfect place for families to hang out! :)

Lisa F.
06/15/2016 6:00pm

What a unique spin on an adventure park! It looks like it was fun. Thanks for sharing!


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know about our "Kids Go Free" promotion at Go Ape North Park!! Here are the details:

When: Monday, June 27th
Who: Kids 15 and under go free!
PROMO CODE: 2016KidsGoFree

Hope to see you then!!

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