Us girls know that all lipsticks are not created equal, and Peeks Cosmetics is above all the rest. Coming from someone who doesn't wear all that much makeup, I LOVE this lipstick. I tend to shy away from anything that causes me to re-apply or look for mirrors during the day. So, lipstick is not typically in my bag. I can honestly say I applied this super adorable color (My Way) and it lasted all day! Yep, even through drinking, eating, and my typical mommy kisses. 
     Of course it isn't something I am going to wear everyday, but it looks pretty great. The best part is it doesn't come off on everything my lips touch. 
     I was given four different colors to try out. Of course the first was the purple-red My Way. The others can be seen below: From top to bottom, Quik Sand, Love Thang, and A-List. Super cute colors and although not my typical thing, you can check me out in them on my Instagram and Snapchat(notperfecttre).
     Peeks Cosmetics has more than just lipstick. Head over to their site to check out the eyeshadow, Lip Blasters, Lip Gloss, Nail Shiners and more. They even have gift sets, collections, and custom colors! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


Michelle Elizondo
05/18/2016 2:17pm

Peeks cosmetic seems like a nice high end brand.


Thank you for sharing your experience in using Peeks Cosmetics. The Love Thang is such a cute color. I was actually looking for a lipstick that could last all day. I never heard a feedback about this brand before, but now I finally found one. I'll definitely try this soon. I'm looking forward to more product reviews from your blog.

Sara Theissen
05/19/2016 1:00pm

Love that lip color! It looks great.

05/21/2016 3:03am

It's terrific you have upgrade it.thank you.I found this is an insightful as well as fascinating blog post.

Kathy Robinson
05/23/2016 11:27pm

Sounds like a great product. I don't wear lipstick everyday but this looks like one I would like

Dana Rodriguez
05/24/2016 6:01am

I don't wear much makeup either but I do love great lip products!

Rita Leonard
05/24/2016 6:37am

I would love to try a lipstick that actually lasts all day.

Courtney S.
05/24/2016 5:04pm

Wow, what vibrant color! I love the red one :)

sherry butcher
05/25/2016 1:29pm

Looks and sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

05/26/2016 12:23pm

I love makeup and am always looking for a great, long-wearing lipstick. Thanks for letting me know about this brand!

Tina Gonzalez
05/26/2016 9:06pm

I would like to try this lipstick. I haven't found any lipstick yet that lasts all day. Thanks for sharing

K. Finn
05/29/2016 10:38pm

I really like that Love Thang color, and I think it would look great on me. Also I love hearing that your lipstick lasted all day!

Melissa Storms
05/30/2016 12:08pm

That red is a great color and looks great on you.

Belinda Bell
05/30/2016 3:27pm

I am going to check them out. Looks like great make-up

Tanya White
06/01/2016 2:29pm

It is so hard finding a lipstick that doesn't rub off on everything I would love to try this btw the red looks amazing on you.

07/07/2016 11:38pm

This looks great on you! I love that they're so long-lasting. I'd love to try Love Thang- the pinkish nude color.

07/14/2016 6:20am

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michele soyer
07/20/2016 4:00am

I am a big lipstick over and never heard of this company. I am heading over to their site right now...

08/04/2016 1:38pm

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12/14/2016 6:09am

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