Children grinding their teeth is more common than you might think. In fact, it’s estimated that almost as many as a third of all kids will suffer from this condition at some point as they grow up. Because teeth grinding is usually transitory and tends to go away by itself as the cause resolves, bruxism often goes unnoticed. But even if your child experiences clenching or grinding for a short period of time, its effects can be detrimental to their teeth and they may need to use a dental night guard to protect the tooth enamel.

Teeth Grinding Can Be a Sign of Stress

While parents often think of themselves as being stressed, running from here to there and juggling work with kids, they don’t often consider that their kids could be stressed as well, or that they could transmit their nerves to them. But life is stressful, even for kids, and if they’ve just gone through a change of environment, a new school, problems with a sibling or classmate, or overheard their parents fighting, these can be reasons enough for the tension to affect their teeth.

Which Can Lead to Other Conditions

If the condition develops, it can lead to chipped tooth enamel, jaw problems, such as temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ), and even facial sensitivity. So, if you overhear your child grinding at night, or they awake complaining of tenderness around the jaw area, headache, painful gums, or earache, then it could be a symptom of something deeper and it’s a good idea to talk to your child about what may be troubling them. Speak to a caregiver, teacher, or your partner if your child is very young, and do your best to speak soothingly to them (as shouting at kids can be harmful to their long term health).

Your Kid’s Teeth May Need Realigning

If stress isn’t a factor and has been ruled out by all parties concerned, then it may be that your child’s bottom and top teeth aren’t correctly aligned. In which case, a dentist will be able to recommend the right course of corrective action, or a custom night guard, to stop your children’s teeth from rubbing together as they grow. A custom guard especially molded to your child's teeth is a great way of getting results fast, while you find out the cause of the bruxism.

But whether your child’s teeth grinding comes down to a physical condition, such as a bad alignment of the teeth, or a psychological one; developing habits to help them relax before they go to sleep is always helpful. Try a warm bath, reading a story, or playing some soothing music. If your child does suffer from bruxism, the good news is that the condition usually goes away by itself, and if you’re aware of what to look out for, you can help reduce their discomfort while it lasts.




05/20/2016 4:15am

Mostly people Grind their teeth when they are angry but kids not do it because of that reason. We can read more here about why people Grinding their teeth and i am sure everyone will appreciate this writer for this post.

05/22/2016 2:40pm

Luckily the dentist can tell even if you can't if you are grinding your teeth. I used to really badly when I was young. They actually ground them down a bit where they were grinding to stop it. :(

Christina Moore
05/24/2016 6:55am

Thank you for the information, my granddaughter grinds her teeths

05/24/2016 6:59am

As an adult with a severe TMJ issue this is informative.

05/24/2016 7:05am

My daughter ground her teeth when she was small and drove us nuts. Was so loud we could hear her in the next room. Took her to our dentist and he took care of it.

05/24/2016 12:13pm

Thanks so much for this very informative article! As parents, and Grandparents, it's very important that we are aware of what the causes and solutions of such a widespread condition are! Thanks for sharing!!

05/24/2016 5:18pm

Our dentist is the one who actually caught this for us - thank goodness for their awareness. We got a night guard and it helped!

Jeanna Massman
05/24/2016 8:21pm

I did not realize that teeth grinding was so prevalent in children.

Holly Thomas
05/25/2016 2:38am

I grind my teeth while I am sleeping.

05/26/2016 8:31am

I grind my teeth when I am very stressed.

Cheryl Chervitz
05/27/2016 8:46am

I ground my teeth when I was younger and did up with TMJ. It can be painful at times.

05/27/2016 9:15pm

thanks for the information. My husband grinds his teeth.

Will G
05/28/2016 3:46am

I grind every once in awhile.. finally invested in a mouth guard from dentist.

Cheryl Everitt
05/29/2016 3:55pm

Thanks for the info. We have a granddaughter that grinds her teeth.

Cindy Seppala
06/02/2016 2:36am

Oh boy...I learned about this the hard way. My teeth are a mess due to clenching and grinding. Catch it fast before those teeth are ruined!


This is a very serious issue. I would have never thought that teeth grinding even exit. There are so many things that go on with children. I hope that all parents will be made aware of this situation. Thanks a lot for sharing this information all these information. I will watch out for this information in my sister’s children. I don’t wish any child to go through this issue.


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