When you have children, your priorities can change drastically. All of a sudden you have someone else to think about and protect. They are your responsibility, and your whole world can be consumed by it all. It’s hard to remember how life was before they came along, and this is where some parents can go very wrong. You see, before the kids, your world was your partner. Or at least it should have been to consider having a family in the first place. But children can take over your life, and you can forget that your partner is there. You can neglect, and you will find the whole basis of your lives together is your children.
This is where things can wrong, and relationships can break down. It’s important to remember that you and your partner are a couple. So you are in the life together, united as one. So it’s important to work on your relationship just as much as you did at the beginning, for it to thrive. It will make your family life so much better. So i thought it would be a good idea to discuss some of the ways you can improve your relationship.

Communicating with one another is a key ingredient for a successful relationship. This doesn't mean talking about your children. This means talking about other things like how you day has about one another. It might show passion for a particular subject; it might show heart when they describe an incident. It reminds you of the people you were before kids took over, and that is a good thing. 
Being intimate
Getting action in the bedroom may be so far from your priority list but being intimate does not necessarily mean that. It can mean a cuddle after a tough day, a bit of flirtation here and there or a cheeky kiss. I’m sure you still find one another attractive; you just may not have any energy for all of that. So embrace the little things and show them you care in other ways.
Accepting when things aren’t going right
Sometimes relationships don’t work, and it is when you can be the bigger person to accept it, that things can move forward. Calling in the divorce lawyers doesn’t mean you have failed. It just means you have made the right decision for your family. You may get on better when you are apart, which will help keep a healthy balance of family life.Be adult about things
In relationships a lot of the time you have to be the bigger person. Accepting that some things can’t change and maybe even admitting when thing have gone wrong. It makes you a better person and gives you a much stronger relationship.
Remember the reasons why you fell in love
Finally, remembering the reasons you fell in love is a great way to remind yourselves that you are still a  couple. You still love one another, and you need to savour these times because they go too quick.


05/28/2016 5:06am

I agree, once they leave the nest, or even just go to the grandparents for the Summer, if all the couple have in common is the children what are they going to do to stay connected with each other as a couple

Cynthia W
05/28/2016 5:03pm

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Thanks!

05/29/2016 6:54am

I loved this blog due to its impressive theme because here writer is showing us importance of strong relations in our lives. I think every person must read this content and try to understand its benefits. I hope it can bring change in our thinking and personality as well.

Bridget Harrison
05/29/2016 2:42pm

I agree I try to remind myself every day if I'm upset with my spouse to remember "why I fell in love with him". That usually calms me down to where I can think rational without regretting saying something to him.

vickie couturier
05/30/2016 4:22am

very interesting post,, is true

Dotty J Boucher
05/30/2016 8:23am

I think being in a relationship you always have your ups and downs, more ups .. I think the biggest is talking with one another, I know it works for me..

Chelsey DeWitt
05/30/2016 9:21am

It's so important and this was a pleasure to read. Thank you😃

Daniel Scott
05/30/2016 12:46pm

I agree. Parents should have a strong relationship with love and respect so kids know how they should treat others including their future spouses.

Kelli Bryson
05/30/2016 1:42pm

I agree! You need to make time for you and your spouse for intimacy and communication every day!

Soha Molina
05/30/2016 8:42pm

ALl these are important points in keeping a relationship alive,

05/31/2016 10:33am

I agree! Communication is especially important to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

douglas gerard
05/31/2016 6:47pm

my parents got divorced, maybe it was a lack of communication problem between them--not being able to express their feelings correctly and just assuming 'the other guy doesn't like me' and that's why they split.

Wendy Hess
06/02/2016 10:00am

I agree 100%

ellen beck
06/04/2016 10:38pm

There was a time, believe it or not, before Dr Spock and such that parents made sure their relationshipswere strong. Granted kids are important(they should be)but to have a lasting relationship, the marriage has to take priority at times. You cant just have kids in common, or it all breaks down.

Amy Deeter
06/09/2016 10:06pm

I really enjoyed this post, and i agree with you 101 %. Thanks for sharing this with us

Sara Theissen
06/11/2016 9:43am

I agree with a lot of this. It makes me sad how high the divorce rate is these days. I just don't think people realize how hard it can be to keep a relationship thriving, and how much harder it gets once kids come along.

Trisha McKee
06/12/2016 7:02pm

It is so important to make time for each other. That relationship - if it is solid, rains down on the entire family and builds a rock-solid foundation for a happy, positive family.

Ryan Spencer
06/14/2016 11:18pm

I believe it's very important to keep my relationship healthy and happy, communication is the biggest part of all.

amanda whitley
06/15/2016 2:52pm

i have read the same sentiment before and agree. i try to make sure to really focus on my marriage because i have been the child that has to watch their parents fight constantly and i hated it.


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