Looking for the perfect game for those summer nights? Coop Sport Scatter Dodgeball is it. This is an easy to learn and quick play game that everyone will love. Check out the vid above to learn more and keep reading to get more info and see where you can buy it. 
     Scatter Dodgeball is based on the old gymclass favorite, so you already know how it play. Coop Sport just put their own spin on it. I love that that there is minimal setup and you can have up to six players. 
Perfect summer game!
     To play, each player (up to six, grabs two wristbands of the same color. Then, the fun begins! Players circle-up while one player rolls the dice ball. The player wearing the colored wrist bands that matches the color on the dice ball as it comes to rest is the thrower for that turn. As the other players scatter, the thrower attempts to hit them with the dodgeball. Players that get hit must surrender a wrist band to the thrower. If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must surrender a wristband.  The first person to get all the wristbands wins the game!
     You can head to the Coop Sport site to learn more about Scatter Dodgeball or more games they offer. Get outside this summer with Coop Sport
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shelly peterson
06/22/2016 5:45pm

This would be a lot of fun for the family this Summer.

Mary Cloud
06/23/2016 9:23am

My son would love it - he's a big Dodgeball fan

ellen beck
07/04/2016 8:22pm

Looks like a fun game! We would love something like this when it is a bit cooler. This would be fun at family reunions!

03/02/2017 10:25am

Love this game for the entire my childhood.


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