This is a sponsored post written on behalf of At Home and BSM Media. All opinions are those of Tre Harrington, the author. 
     When kids are headed to college, one of the most exciting things they do is go shopping for their new dorm room. Of course, it is also one of the biggest challenges they face since shopping on a teen's income isn't always easy. The best part of doing back to school decor shopping with At Home is that they are budget friendly, while being super stylish. So, your kiddo is going to love all of the chic decor and adore the extra cash they have left for books! 
     I have a kiddo who will be headed to college soon. We checked out At Home and stocked up on some great items that would fit small spaces perfectly. Shopping at At Home is even easier when you download their 2016 Back to Campus Checklist. This great little list ensures you won't forget anything and your student will be ready for move in day. See it here and download it for your trip to At Home. 
     I love shopping at At Home because they have super cute and stylish items at low prices. You can decorate a small space affordably. I went to my nearby At Home store to get a couple of items for my son's dorm room. You can see I got a beautiful table, lamp and picture and all three cost around $50! The quality of At Home Products are magnificent and will outlast your child's college time. They will have them for years to come. 
     This first piece is one that I choose because it is a saying near and dear to our family. I wanted my child to remember it when he may be homesick or sad. It is very simple with a wooden frame. The glass background allows the words to "float" on the wall color behind it. I was so impressed with the price and my son adores it! It is perfect decor that is simple, but allows kids to bring a small memory from home with them to college. 
     This table is probably my favorite item I got on my At Home shopping excursion. I love that it is simple and lightweight, so it can be easily moved to accommodate any small space. The bright blue and green colors add a splash of color to any room too! This is a high quality table that is perfect for a bedside or for holding the lamp that you can see below. 
     This cute little lamp is a staple for any student. It is incredibly bright but it is also very fashionable. The chrome finish adds a touch of shine which nicely sets off the bright blue shade. We paired this with the table that we purchased at At Home and they look amazing together! 
     If your child is off to college this September, then you need to plan a trip to At Home! It is the place to find all of your dorm necessities and don't forget to download your 2016 Back to Campus Checklist so you don't forget anything! 
This is a sponsored post written on behalf of At Home and BSM Media. All opinions are those of Tre Harrington, the author. 


Katherine McPherson
06/15/2016 9:50am

It is such a bitter sweet thing sending your kids to college. Thank you for this article; it helps take some of the guesswork out of it!

Anna Tetreault
06/15/2016 7:28pm

Great article! I will definitely have to check out this site! I'm not going to college, but I am decorating two new rooms!

08/25/2016 2:07am

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