Not all pitchers are created equally, and we found that out with Chef's Inspirations 3 in 1 Water Pitcher. This is an awesome infusion water pitcher that our family loves and uses on a daily basis. Check out the video above so you can see some of the best features! 
     With summer here, our three kids are always out running around which means they are always thirsty. I don't like them drinking those sugar filled drinks, so we make our own water based beverages using this pitcher. It is so easy and they taste awesome! I love that you can make tea, fruit drinks, or ice water and it fits easily in the fridge. The ice core is a total life saver in the summer months, allowing you to have chilled beverages in the hot weather. 
     Go to Amazon to pick yours up now and be sure to use this COUPON to save  25% 
UT7EWDC8 on this 3 quart pitcher. You are going to love how easy it is to clean and if you don't it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee

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ellen beck
07/06/2016 8:04pm

I agree not all are equal ! I have had some pitchers that the filters were impossible to find, and then they dont work like they should anymore. I like the look of this one.

09/29/2016 6:39am

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