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Are you on the quest for the latest and greatest toys? Well if you’re currently raising a child under 3 years of age, here’s a few fantastic tips below to discover what they’ll love best. It might come as a surprise to most parents that the physical and cognitive aspects of your baby’s early development are accelerated by using age-appropriate toys.
So, let’s get to it. Keep in mind that it’s never too early to entertain. Even at the earliest of ages, your baby is going to respond to the bright colors they see … which leads us to our first tip!

1.) For children under six months old, using bright colors in their carriages and mobile activity centers will help to improve vision and acuity. Additionally, the constant reaching for dangling objects helps to improve overall motor skill development.

2.) For children six to twelve months old, toys and games that build hand to eye coordination and interactivity will become more important. So this means incorporating musical sounds, physical courses with objects or activities that promote crawling around, and baby bouncing movements for helping to stimulate more physical activities.

3.) For children twelve to eighteen months, watch out and pad your corners! Here comes those first steps. You want to find the best toys for provoking curiosity and explorations of various shapes and colors, moving parts that are baby-proof but stir the imagination. Problem solving skills will start forming so you may want to find developmental toy sets.

4.) For children eighteen to twenty four months, it’s time to start playing make-believe! The imagination starts coming to life around this time. Toys that have different steps involved, such as following simple but fun instructions and language related puzzles are great. The more shapes and colors, the better since a hands-on approach becomes much more important.

5.) For children twenty four to thirty six months, this is a time of refining motor coordination skills. You would do well to pick up some fun board games, little crafts and art projects, as well as toys that kids can share or play with together since they’ll be more likely to interact with other children at this point. You may even get other parents to join in for some laughs with baby dress up competitions, especially if you’re the one to sell clothing online fashion ideas for the group. You might actually

find some great toy deals with auction best bidding site promotions for costume parties. It’s all

about learning to select the best toys at the right age for developing a healthy and happy baby.

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08/07/2016 2:08am

All the baby need a lot toys for playing the different games. Baby breaks the toy and feeling so happy. Children are so naughty and playing the games or watching the cartoon. All the parents lot of love with your children.

Debbie F
09/09/2016 11:23am

Great tips!
It's so important to get children's imagination and curiosity going as soon as possible!
Thanks for all the helpful info!


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