Crayola is a backpack staple for the first day of school! I absolutely love the bright colors that make projects pop and kid's papers colorful. Crayola is the first thing we shop for when August hits and this year it is no different. With back to school time here, make sure you have Crayola in your kiddo's bag
     Crayola has a ton of awesome products for all ages. Finding Dory is a favorite for the tots and the Twistables are perfect for bigger hands. No matter what is on your supply list, Crayola has you covered! 
     Crayola has some super exciting products that kiddo's heading to school are going to love. Head over to now and you can even easily create your own Back to School bundle right on their website. It is an easy way to stock your kiddo's bag and save! 
Crayola makes back to school bright with their awesome collection for all ages! They have something for everyone at including free printables that are going to come in super handy so be sure to check them out here
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


Jenna Niel
09/02/2016 3:19pm

I love Crayola! We always buy them if possible! They last longer and colors are more vivid I think!


I remember when I was a child, I love buying a new set of Crayola. When I was in first grade, I was so happy when I received the 64-pieces Crayola crayons. I do not know why, but there is just something in brand new Crayola that made me so happy before. Hence, I enjoyed reading your blog post. I feel like I was taken back through time.

09/02/2016 6:25pm

I love Crayola products

Tiffany Greene Elliott
09/02/2016 6:59pm

Crayola is the best in my opinion! They make crayons, markers, etc for all ages!

09/03/2016 2:13am

I love EVERYTHING about Crayola!!!! I have adored these crayons and still love them!!!

Jessica To
09/03/2016 4:30pm

I love the smell of new Crayola crayons!

Kelly D
09/03/2016 5:37pm

My daughter chose lots of Crayola supplies for back to school. Her favorite was a big box of crayons because she wanted the sharpener in the back!

Julie Wood
09/04/2016 8:15am

We love Crayola products for back to school. I got so many great deals on them.

09/04/2016 10:34am

I have been buying
Crayola through put the years

09/04/2016 11:46am

Now the students are back to school after their vacation and they need each and everything new for going to school like first day of school. The toddler who are having drawing subject for them colors are important to bring with them. It’s quite helpful post for all the parents and children’s as well.

Keri justice
09/05/2016 4:48am

Crayola is such a well known trust worthy brand that always makes great products!

Dawn Renee
09/05/2016 9:26am

Crayola makes the best crayons and pencils, colors are bright and lasting!

Marilyn Nawara
09/06/2016 12:25am

Crayola makes the best crayons -- have never found a brand that's better.

Lisa Brown
09/09/2016 7:09am

We have loads of crayola products around the house

elizabeth miller
09/20/2016 5:31pm

My kids are 28,26,25, and 11...I have been packing Crayola products in school supplies in what seems like forever.

09/28/2016 7:24pm

Crayola products are the best.They are tried and true.

09/29/2016 6:21am

I agree with the smell of Crayola. They smell amazing. The kids love these crayons.

Darlene Owen
10/12/2016 12:17pm

I love crayola's, when I was small we had a hugh box that we just kept collecting over the years.

Renee Walters
10/17/2016 6:42pm

I love Crayola products! They have some pretty neat items!


Crayola colors are my favorite,Still at this age I use them to get the i could get with colors,Thanks for sharing the post I will get to it right away,Looking forward to get some amazing projects done with Crayola

04/06/2017 3:47pm

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