This review was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management, Febreze and Swiffer was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.
     Being a mom of three is no easy job. Especially when you throw in all of the animals, the hubby, and the other numerous hats I wear. Cleaning up after all of it, that is the hardest part! So, when companies make my cleaning ritual easier, I absolutely love it! 
     Want to know one of my dirt secrets? When I have a guest coming over and my house is less than spotless, I reach for my Febreze Air Effects and my Swiffer WetJet. These two things can make my home look presentable in just minutes! Check out my dirt secrets below! 
     First, the Swiffer WetJet is awesome on our wood floor and it is so simple to use. It takes only minutes to set up out of the box and you will be in love with it. Before I got the WetJet I was using a traditional mop and bucket of water. I will never go back after trying the wet jet. This is so much easier and takes a fraction of the time. The best part, it has a fresh scent that makes our home smell clean and welcoming. 
     I love that the Swiffer WetJet is great for wood, laminate, tile, or any other surface in your home. The disposable pads last through one mopping, so you do not have to change them. They stay securely fastened and clean even your toughest messes! Our kitchen tends to be pretty gross, because we cook A LOT. So, when I saw the WetJet I was skeptical to its cleaning power. I was so wrong. It cleans even the grossest of gross cooking messes! You are going to love it! Grab one next time you are at the store for quick messes or for deep cleaning. It is a must have in every household, especially when kids tend to embrace the five second rule! You have to keep those floors clean. 
     My other cleaning love is Febreze Air Effects. Their newBig Sur scent is perfect for a nature lover like me! It reminds me of our entire summer camping! The best part is, since it is a woodsy scent, men love it too. 
     I use Febreze Air Effects anywhere I need a refresh. With the kids and all of the pets, that is pretty often, trust me! Our play room and car are always filled with kid funk, so I just whip out the Febreze Fabric Refresher and it is good as new (no funk). Instead I have the amazing, fresh scent of the forest to remind me of our beautiful family memories. I love that the Big Sur scent bringsautumn right into our home
     I love that Febreze comes in the fabric refresher or the air effects. I use them both, but for two totally different reasons. The fabric refresher is perfect for adding scent to bedding, upholstery in cars or in a sitting room, throw blankets, shoes. rugs, and so much more! Basically it refreshes anything that needs it! The air effects is great for when there is an odor you want to remove. I keep it in our kitchen, bath, and by the diaper pail. The air effects is a lifesaver for those nights that you cook fish and it lingers in the air or the baby leaves that funky scent in the changing area.  
     My absolute fav product is the Febreze Fabric Refresher. So if you are just going to try one, this has to be it! It is so versatile and it is great in any home. The scent isn't overwhelming and it refreshes so many things. As a mom, pet owner and husband keeper, I LOVE it! Try it out by picking it up at a store near you or visit their website here. 
     Love the goodies I used to refresh my home this autumn? You can win them too! Enter below and win aFebreze and Swiffer prize pack. 
This review was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management, Febreze and Swiffer was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


Lindy McNash Snyder
09/19/2016 6:50pm

I absolutely love Febreeze!!!! It's my all time go-to smell good sprays.

Lisa b
09/19/2016 6:53pm

I use febreeze because other products that I have used doesn't get rid of the odor fast like febreeze does and the scents smells so good.

09/19/2016 7:27pm

Would love this for my new place!!!

Brandy Reynolds
09/19/2016 7:38pm

I would love to win this since its already on my "to buy" list! I have 6 cats and newly installed laminate flooring throughout the house, which makes for a lot of hair hiding and congregating!! A few people have advised that I try the swiffer and I can't wait to try it!

09/19/2016 8:50pm

Two of my favorite products!! Awesome giveaway thanks.

09/19/2016 8:57pm

Love Febreeze,makes everything smell great

Vikki Billings
09/19/2016 10:25pm

I have used Febreeze and Swiffer products for years, I love the scents that Febreeze offers, and swiffer has a lot of products that make it easier for me to clean my home. Everything smells so fresh and clean after using these products and I love them!

09/20/2016 2:49am

Febreeze helped me to keep my work pants and shoes refreshed when working 12 hour shifts. It cut down on how often I had to wash those pants and they passed the smell test. I also love how easy it is to use the Swiffer Wet Jet. It's a complete system and works on hard floor surfaces to get in all the nooks and crannies with the squirt bottle attached and the generous sized pad simple to attach.

09/20/2016 4:18am

I've used a few swiffer products and febreeze and really like them. Clean well and make your house smell amazing. I have not tried the newest products yet though.

09/20/2016 4:42am

I love my swiffer! I use it everyday, it works great on my wood floors.

Dotty J Boucher
09/20/2016 7:08am

I hear so many people talk about this product and yet I still have yet to try it, I love that it cleans so well and that Fabreze, would love to smell something wonderful for the Fall.

Jennifer Vega
09/20/2016 7:58am

Love Swiffer and Febreeze! Thanks for the chance!

gloria patterson
09/20/2016 8:14am

I have to admit that I keep my fabric refresher easy to reach. If company is coming I just spray at bit on my drapes, pillows, general air and it it smells like I have been cleaning........ love this stuff

09/20/2016 8:56am

I love Febreze!!! I use the pet odor eliminator one most the time, I keep stocked up on it since I have 4 small dogs in my home. I don't want it to smell like a dog house! :)

Belinda Bell
09/20/2016 3:25pm

I love febreze. It makes everything smell so clean.

Melissa Stahl
09/20/2016 11:53pm

Love the wetjet! its my favorite. lol

kelly tupick
09/22/2016 12:35pm

This would be awesome for fall cleaning.

Amy Lee
09/25/2016 11:27am

I love febreze. I haven't tried that wet jet! I'll have to try it...thanks!

susan smoaks
09/27/2016 11:48am

i have always wanted to try the swiffer wet jet. i have heard it works great.

09/27/2016 12:08pm

Febreze is definitely worth it. No other air freshener I have found is worth it. They just don't do what Febreze does. I love the Hawaiian Aloha scent but Big Sur sounds really good too!

09/27/2016 5:13pm

Nothing beats Febreze. It smells so good, and the scent lasts.Swiffer beats using a mop!

Michael Bratek
09/27/2016 9:26pm

We use Febreze throughout the house to eliminate odors and get rid of other smells in the rooms!

Brenda Elsner
09/28/2016 5:48am

I love Febreze and Swiffer products!! Thanks for the chance to win some!!

Shari Klyn
09/28/2016 12:29pm

I use Febreze all the time in my car. Love it.

gloria patterson
09/28/2016 2:29pm

Many of my favorite products but have to admit my favorite is Febreeze

Jennifer H.
09/28/2016 6:15pm

I think that these would be great!

Jerry Marquardt
09/29/2016 1:04pm

I would like to try all of the scents of Febreze. I like most of them, so it would be a challenge to try out all of them.


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