Every family loves to have a clean home, and we all know that starts from the bottom up. Oreck is a brand I personally use and trust. We have had an Oreck vacuum in our home for the past five years and we love it. It is perfect for homes like ours which have kids, pets, and carpeting. I also love the tune ups we get at our local Oreck store. This is a personalized service that you cannot get with any other brand you purchase. Oreck is hands down our favorite vacuum and it will be yours too! 
     Just under nine pounds, the Oreck Elevate Control is super lightweight which makes carrying it upstairs or room to room a breeze. It is half the weight of other vacuums, so you won't strain anytime you need to pick it up.  The great part is, if you are taking it to another room, with the thirty foot cord, you don't need to unplug! It reaches anywhere you need to go. 
     The Oreck Elevate Control is perfect for all of the carpeted areas in your home. It works to trap all of the allergens as it thoroughly cleans all of the carpets in your home. The Select Filtration technology captures 99% of allergens, dust & debris that you have in your home. If you are plagued with allergies like my family and I am, this is a feature you are going to love. 
     The full access low-profile design allows you to reach all of the hard to access places in your home. I absolutely love that the Oreck also has 5 Bright LED headlights that give you the ability to see into all those dark corners. The thirty foot cord easily wraps and stores on the Oreck Elevate Control, so you won't need to fuss with trying to put it away when you are all done.  
     Our family is all about saving money, but having a clean home is something we will not compromise on. Oreck is a brand we trust and rely on. I love that I have a store location ten minutes from my home and when I need a tune up, they give me a loaner vacuum. With three kids and a houseful of pets, my Oreck store knows I cannot be without my trusty vacuum! 
     Head over to Oreck now and see what they have to offer. I know if you stop in to one of their stores to try the Oreck Elevate Control, you will love it, because I do! If you don't have a store near you, then order online and try in in-home risk free for 30 days! 
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June S.
10/28/2016 8:02pm

Get Your Home Super Clean With Oreck ) My neighbor has one of these great vac's and does that thing ever clean well. Maybe someday I will be able to get one too-

11/04/2016 12:39am

Looks awesome. I just need a vacuum, lol. :)

11/04/2016 11:24am

Thanks for giving us a short tutorial and sharing the advantages of using the vacuum cleaner in a proper way. that's the way it makes our house or carpet more cleaner.

Kelly Nicholson
11/06/2016 4:13pm

this sure would come in handy thanks

Stephanie F.
11/08/2016 10:03am

We have a type of vinyl (like laminate hardwood) on our floors, and this vacuum would still come in handy because of all the dust, dirt and allergens from our 5 dogs and 1 cat.

04/08/2017 10:43am

Get Your House Extremely Fresh With Oreck ) My next door neighbor has one of these excellent vac's and does that factor ever clean well. Maybe at some point I will be able to get one too-


Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thank you.


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