I, for one, love to hear rain fall outside the window when I’m in the bedroom. But despite it having a calming effect on a person, it can cause horror for your home! If water gets into your home, it can lead to water damage and pesky mold! Therefore, when you read that rainfall is on it’s way, here are some tips for preparing your home before it’s too late!
Secure your roof to prevent leaks
It’s so important that you secure your roof before any rain arrives. Otherwise, you could end up with a soaking home after rainfall has hit. Before the rain arrives, you need to do a full inspection of the roof. Look for any cracks along the ridge of your roof and inspect the valleys. Also, watch out for any missing shingles which could end up causing moisture leaks inside your home. As this feature says, it can weaken the walls and ceilings in your property. If you feel there are any issues with the roof, you should call for a proper inspection by an expert. It’s best to get any problems sorted now because your insurance may not pay out if you haven’t kept your roof in the best condition.
Waterproof your basement
A lot of people forget about the basement when it comes to preparing their home for bad weather. But it can be one of the main rooms that gets hit when there is high rainfall. It means anything in the basement will be ruined after the rain has arrived. Therefore, you need to make sure you waterproof the concrete with some form of sealant which will stop water and moisture. And as we discussed in a previous blog, put anything that’s on the ground in watertight containers. That way, nothing will get ruined in the basement!
Apply a stain to fencing
You also need to head outside and prepare your yard for the arrival of rainfall. A lot of people don’t realize that their fencing can be affected by bad weather. The rain can often damage the wood and cause it to fade. Therefore, you should apply some form of fence staining which will repel water and stop any damage occurring. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can find many professional companies who will offer this service. It will also stop mildew growth and ensure the fence doesn’t crack and split after a bout of bad weather!
Put all garden furniture away
A lot of people forget to put all their garden furniture away before rainfall arrives. But it can cause damage to the furniture if it’s left unprotected. If any of the furniture is made of wood, it could cause fading if left in the rain for an extended period. Also, any fabric could be ruined on your garden seats. Therefore, ensure you put all of the furniture away in sheds or garages. And if they stay out, you should find some form of cover to put over the furniture.
You need to make sure doors and windows are sealed in your home before rain hits at night. Otherwise, you will end up with a very damp floor by the time morning arrives!



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