I, like many people I know, love the home improvement shows you often find on the Travel Channel or HGTV - the ones where you see a young couple purchasing their first home or perhaps buying a place in terms of renovating and flipping. There’s something about seeing what can be transformed that keeps you glued to the tube and binging every episode.
But why do we like these types of shows?

     I heard a compelling argument that the home improvement shows (and those that simply show off locations) are stimulating because they’re just barely out of reach. We watch them seeing what others are doing in terms of improving their lodging but also get to nit-pick how we’d make the changes. In a way, it’s like being teased because you know you’re outside the budget and somewhat unrealistic but at the same time it’s just close enough to be obtainable so you feel somewhat invested in the event you find yourself in the situation as you see in the show.

After having watched dozens of different home improvement shows I can honest say the following:

·  They’ll always go over budget

·  You’re going to notice a neat project you’ll want to do

On the other end is the idea of doing a flip where the people purchase a house, touch it up, and then sell it for a profit. These shows are highly bingeable because you get to see the entire process; in many instances, it almost seems like something you could easily do.

Even though many of these types of shows are staged, it still makes for great television. A show like Property Brothers is one which immediately comes to mind because the hosts are extremely likable, you learn about the process, somewhat get connected to the buyers, and learn a few things along the way if you were to decide on doing a renovation or flip.

The Travel Channel and HGTV is one of the reasons why I went with one of the DIRECTV packages. But as I dug deeper I started finding neat documentaries on Starz and other premium channels related to the tiny house movement and off-the-grid living, in general, which aligned with the type of lodging I’d someday want to own.

The long periods of binging were when I was attending college but still lived with my parents.

I knew that I was getting older and that it was time to make big changes; I knew that one day the family home would likely be in the family trust so I began taking notes from these home improvement shows on ways to improve the value of the property.

With a few hundred bucks from my side work – here’s what I did after cobbling together notes:

·  Improved the back yard by helping with new gardening areas, trees, and shrubs

·  Decreased the energy expenses through DIY projects for lighting and window insulation

·  Reorganized much of the living space so that it felt open concept (a common idea in the shows)

     Over time, through my personal research and binge watching these now addicting home improvement shows, I learned a great deal about property. I went into them just because I was bored but came out with a decent understanding of what to look for when purchasing a home and improving it which later lead to great advice for my sister and brother-in-law when they moved into their first place.

I guess what I’m getting at is that sometimes reality TV can surprise you.

These home improvement shows may not be the most high-brow type of entertainment but at least they’re something that gives you a good glimpse on what’s possible with what you have (or seeking) and the ways to go about increasing the value.

Maybe it’s just me, though?

What do you think? I’m sure you’ve see at least one or two episodes of House Hunters or Property Brothers along the way (or the countless others); and I bet you saw a few ideas to improve the foundation or simply add to the decor. What are your thoughts about these types of shows?



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11/09/2016 9:18am

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