I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own
     Last month, I talked about how we were using the Stork OTC to make our baby dreams a reality, This month, we are going to see how that's going and talk about how the Stork OTC can help you on your journey also. Keep reading to find out if the Stork OTC is right for you! 
     In September, my hubby and I waited until we were ovulating and then we used the Stork OTC. It has been a long few weeks, but then it was time to test......
      Yep, it was negative.  At first I was incredibly bummed. I am not a patient person, so when we put in so much effort and work, I was sure it would pay off immediately. When it didn't I was super sad. Then, I sat back and realized how thankful I was for my children and I needed to quit stressing. Everything would happen in time and if it didn't, then it wasn't meant to. So, it was time to keep trying! 
     One thing that kept me very motivated was hearing the other success stories from new parents who used the Stork OTC. Their stories really inspired me to keep trying, even when I was incredibly bummed out. 
     One couple I was reading about had unexplained secondary fertility, just like us. Here is a bit of their story: 
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years with the help of an RE, after undergoing lots of treatments and tests we fell into the “unexplained” category along with a low sperm morphology count. National Infertility Awareness Week I reached out to review the Stork because I had been reading about it and was intrigued to see maybe if it would work for us and it is definitely more cost efficient. We were averaging $700 a month for IUI and injectable medication versus $80-90 at the store. At first I was a little overwhelmed with the instructions because they were so long and detailed, but once I fully grasped the concept we were good to go. The only downside for us was how uncomfortable the “condom sheath” was to my husband (I have read that some didn’t use it but instead just put the sperm inside of the cup afterwards). On ovulation night we used the 1st stork with the condom sheath and I kept in for about 5 hours, might I add there was no discomfort at all. The next night we used the 2nd stork, this time hubby just put his sperm in the cup and I left it in for about 4 hours. Afterwards, we said our prayers and hoped this might work for us. On 10 DPO we received a super duper faint positive and I almost thought I was just seeing stuff. The next morning, I tested again and saw a faint line and took a digital which said “YES” best word I could have ever seen. I am without a doubt certain the Stork OTC helped us in our long 3-year journey! We went to the Dr. today and saw our baby via ultrasound and just lost it for that we are both forever grateful and thankful to the Stork for helping us in our journey!!
     This couple is due February 2017. 
     The Stork OTC is so convenient and easy to use. I love that it is available at Walgreens, so I can pick it up on my way home and use it when I feel like it. The privacy aspect is so much more appealing than going to a doctor's office, sitting in a gown, and feeling like you are on display. This is a private moment that you and your partner share. 
     The Stork OTC delivers a 3 times higher concentration of sperm score value to the cervix compared to the concentration of sperm at cervix with natural intercourse. So, with the Stork OTC you can get the sperm where it needs to be and keep it there for hours after intercourse. The cap can be left in place for up to six hours. 
     This is an incredible product that now allows couples struggling with infertility to achieve success in the privacy of their own home. The Stork OTC does not cost thousands of dollars as does other infertility treatments. Instead, it is affordable and achievable for all families. Stop by Walgreens today and pick up the Stork OTC so you can make your dream a reality! 
     Be sure to join us for the #SuccessWithStorkOTC Twitter Party on 10/27 at 8pm. There are tons of great prizes and invaluable information. You don't want to miss this party! 
I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own



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