If you are looking to get a new bedroom on a budget, it isn't that difficult. By just changing a few things in our daughter's room, we gave it a completely new look! Remember, when you are redecorating, sticking to a budget is the key. For our kiddo's birthday we wanted to give her an updated "teen" look to her room, but we didn't want to spend a ton. So, the budget was set and we were determined to stick to it! 
     The existing wall color was pink and the carpet was purple. Lucky for us, these are still our daughter's favorite colors and they worked well for what we had planned for the room. So, no painting was needed. We did add these fabulous floating bookshelves, that you can easily do in any room of your home! 
     Our big expenditure for the makeover was the bed. Previously, she was in a loft bed, but she had outgrown it. So, we donated it and purchased this super cute daybed that she loved. It is really awesome because it also has drawer storage under it for clothes or other necessities. 
     Many of the room items we re-purposed by painting. Other items were purchased from garage sells, second hand stores, etc. 
     Finally, the icing on the cake was the bedding and curtains. These truly pulled the entire look of the room together. The bedding set, curtains and the throw are all from Lush Decor a fantastic online retailer. I love that at Lush Decor, they have high quality items at fantastic prices. Currently, they have a code running until 10/19 that allows you to take 20% off of your order, which makes it even more affordable for you to redecorate your home! 
     The curtains I chose for the room are the Gala Window Curtain. These were a fun and whimsical addition to the room and perfect for a teen girl. The rich purple features circle patterns over the curtain which creates a ruffle pattern. These are awesome for any purple lover like my daughter! 
     The Boho Stripe is a five piece set that works perfectly in a teen room. I love that it is still "pretty" but not too "girly". When we surprised her with her makeover, she absolutely loved the bedding. You can buy the Boho Stripe throw at an additional cost. 
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10/30/2016 6:23am

I just love those colors! So incredibly bright!

04/09/2017 1:33am

The photos on your article looks very creative and decent. I always wanted to re-design my room, but I worry about the money that it might cost me. It is a good thing that you shared some of the wonderful and cheap finds on your article. I cannot believe that you spent cheaply and still able to come up with a creative looking bedroom. Now I cannot wait to have some designing of my own.

11/03/2016 8:52pm

Thanks for the great tips! I love this bedding!

11/07/2016 6:11am

Looks nice I love the colors


I agree that it's important to think carefully about what the underlying reason is for a website, the dogs example fits the bill perfectly :)

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great post


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