These are just like the toys you remember, except way smaller! They are great for keeping your kiddos busy on car trips, playing at home, or just reminiscing about your childhood.  
     All of theWorld's Smallest Toys have the same functions as the originals, just in a smaller size. From the Duncan Yo-Yo to the Etch-A-Sketch they all play the same as you remember. 
     Head over to the Super Impulse site now to check them out! These are perfect for stocking stuffers or for just playing anytime. 
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10/26/2016 3:06pm

These tiny toys are so cute!

Lori J Pouncey
11/07/2016 3:36am

Oh my goodness so many memories lol thanks so much for the flashback and great post

11/07/2016 4:50am

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elizabeth miller
11/14/2016 6:13am

I love these---the classics are the best!

11/28/2016 3:18am

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12/08/2016 4:17am

Toy safety is a top priority for parents, and caregivers. Learn how to determine which toys are safe for your children and how to identify potential hazards, such as lead content. Learn why wooden toys are a natural alternative to plastics and metal.


The toys keep the kids happy every time. When we are on a long trip, our children are busy playing with the toys all the way and are not bored for once.The parents buy toys for the birthday present.


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