“I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own.
     When you are trying to get pregnant and it just doesn't happen, it can be the most frustrating thing ever. 30%-40% of couples who have trouble getting pregnant have male factor infertility issues.
     Not many people realize that male infertility can be caused by many different health conditions and some very basic changes can help improve your chances of conception. Men are plagued with issues such as  low sperm count and sperm motility issues. The remaining cases of male infertility can be caused by a range of conditions including anatomical problems, hormonal imbalances, and genetic defects. This is where the Stork OTC can help couples who are trying to conceive. 
     The Stork OTC is a convenient device that couples can use in the privacy of their own home to make their dreams come true. For about one in five infertile couples the problem lies solely with the male. The wonderful part about the Stork OTC is that it is available over the counter, substantially cheaper than other fertility treatments, and you can use it in the privacy of your own home. 
     TheStork OTC puts sperm at the opening of the cervix for as long as it is in place. This increases your chances of becoming pregnant by 20%. The Stork OTC prevents backflow of semen into the vagina and keeps it right where it needs to be! 
     My husband and I have been using it for the post couple months, and although we haven't been lucky yet we are still trying! I love that the Stork OTC makes fertility treatments affordable for everyone. It also makes it private and something you and your partner can achieve in your own home. Infertility is no longer clinical and only a doctor's office chat. The Stork OTC makes it private. Be sure to check out the tips for getting pregnant and the ovulation calculator on Stork OTC's site. They will be some of the best tools on your journey! 
     The Stork OTC works. Just take a look at all of theseincredible stories from people who have used it and now they have the baby they have been dreaming about! For any couple who wants to make that dream a reality, just like us, the Stork OTC is a cost effective and it stays between you and your partner. 
     Want to learn more about male fertility and how infertility in men is on the rise? Join us for the #BecomingADad twitter party on November 29 at 8pm. This is a fantastic way for you to spend your Thanksgiving break and win some wonderful prizes! See you there! 
I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own.


12/18/2016 10:04am

A husband fell very happily when his wife pregnant because he becoming a father of a son in few month. The pregnant women felt heavy pain before and during the childbirth and also his position dangerous in pregnancy. You should advance ready for caring because you have complete your wife and son responsibilities.


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