This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Xfinity. All opinions are my own. 
     Are you tired of being the only one at work not watching the Walking Dead? Or curious about the huge fuss over Orange Is the New Black? Now, Netflix is fully integrated into Xfinity on Demand. This means X1 customers just need a Netflix subscription and they can easily browse and access Netflix's entire collection while watching live, on demand, DVR and web programming on Xfinity TV. So now, you never need to be the one left out of the latest tv gossip around the water cooler again. 
     So, why is the Netflix and X1 integration so awesome? First of all, this ends the days of having to juggle remotes and needing to change the input on your television. Now you relax and watch all the past and current shows. Some of my favorites are The Blacklist, How To Get Away With Murder or The Walking Dead; you can explore popular Netflix original series like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things; or catch up on recent classics like Breaking Bad, LOST and Mad Men. The best part is they are all in one place with Netflix
     With Netflix and Xfinity On Demand you get some amazing features. An X1 customer can say the word "Netflix" into the X1 remote and launch the software. After launched, you can browse Netflix content while watching OnDemand content. If you do a search for an actor like “Adam Sandler” or “Kevin Spacey” you can  see everything they are in, across both Xfinity and Netflix. With long running shows like The Walking Dead or Scandal, you can binge watch all the episodes all in one place! Start out on Netflix and switch over to the most current episodes on Xfinity. 
     Want to learn more about X1, interested customers can visit  To learn more about Netflix on X1, visit
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Xfinity. All opinions are my own. 


11/17/2016 1:11am

That is pretty cool! I used to have Xfinity, but now just subscribe to Netflix to save money.

Julie Wood
12/04/2016 5:14am

This is a great service. I did not know about this. I will have to check it out and get this service.

shelly peterson
12/06/2016 1:26am

Sounds like this will make things a lot easier. My daughter just signed up for Netflix.


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