This is a sponsored post to promote The Genius of Play. All opinions are my own. 
     Did you know that every time you play with your child, not only are you having fun, but you are teaching them lifelong skills. Just a few minutes of play a day can have lasting benefits! Now that the cold weather is on the way, there is always time to play a board game or have a quick game of Hide and Seek, right? So, shut off the television, put down the cell phone, and play together! 
     There are Six Benefits of Play. Can you imagine that? Six awesome things that your kiddo gets just from you playing with them! Play can be an important way to teach your child, even when they are young. Kids are sponges, so they will mimic things we do and teach them. In our home, we love role playing games like store or cooking. This way, the little one can learn the polite way to interact with peers!
     Physical is the first benefit of play. Of course anything that allows your child to get off their butt and have fun is fantastic! So, organize a game of tag or create a fun scavenger hunt for your kiddo. We turn anything into a game to keep kids interested and engaged. 
     Emotional is the second benefit of play.  Every time your kiddos play they are going to experience a wide variety of emotions! So, if they get mad because they lost, they need to learn to cope. If they are happy they won, they have to learn to be a good winner. Play will help your child learn empathy and understanding. 
     Social Skills are the third benefit of play. Just by playing, your child is learning how to work within a group. They are understanding how to take other's feelings into consideration, share with others, and of course take turns! 
     Cognitive abilities are the fourth benefit of play. When you play with your child, you are showing them how to use skills such as reading, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and paying attention. 
      Creativity is the fifth benefit of play. When children play they experience the freedom to experiment and form their own ideas. They also use unique solutions to solve problems. 
     Communication is the final benefit of play. When you play with a child, they learn to communicate freely and without restriction. They use signals, writing, etc. 
     Want some super fun ways to play with your kiddo now that there is some downtime this winter? The Genius of Play site has so many amazing ideas but here are just a few! 
     Try making a Tape Tornado with kids six and over. My kids loved this one! Balloon Ball is for ages four and over. Dancing Raisins is perfect for ages three and up! 
     If you want a bit more inspiration for games to play with your kiddos be sure to check out The Genius of Play site here. They have so much awesome info you are sure to love! 
This is a sponsored post to promote The Genius of Play. All opinions are my own. 


11/28/2016 12:03pm

Oh I think this is so true! During the winter months we try to sit down and play a board game or color every other night! We have so much fun with them and he looks forward to it every time! I really love the TAPE TORNADO idea! We have to try this!

shelly peterson
11/29/2016 3:28am

We love play time and enjoying playing board games together.

Julie Wood
12/03/2016 7:04am

We always find fun things to do with the kids and play all the time!

03/02/2017 8:22am

Playing is a fun process of learning something new. If you would have a right attitude to this process.


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