This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon. All opinions are 100% my own. 
     Don't you hate when you are driving down the road and your call drops? I would too, if I didn't have Verizon! Verizon was just announced and the RootScore Award winner in all categories in the Pittsburgh area. So, if you are in Pittsburgh, Verizon has us covered. 
     I need the dependability of a wireless provider with coverage that won't drop my calls and I don't want to wait around for anything to load. Speed is essential when I am trying to download an app for my kids or stream a song they want to hear. I expect my network to be reliable and Verizon is exactly that. 
     My job takes me on the road constantly. That means my phone needs to be as on the go as I am! Verizon is perfect because it has the coverage and speed that I need. I use my phone to listen to podcasts when I am on that never ending roadtrip or to find directions when I am lost in the middle of nowhere! It's also great around home, in Pittsburgh. 
     My phone is the most important tool to my business. So, when I am out and about I need access to my email and website. Verizon ensures I am always connected to work and more importantly, to my family. They all have Verizon too so we are always just a text or call away from each other. 
     Verizon was just given the RootScore Award in Pittsburgh, PA. They came in first place or tied for first in all six areas. RootMetrics is a completely independent organization who measures cell providers each year, so this is a huge accomplishment for Verizon! They didn't just come in first place in one area, they took the top in all of them! 
     Right now, you can pop into your nearest Verizon and get a $400 trade in on the  Google Pixel. The Pixel is is exclusively activated on Verizon and it is a phone you don't want to miss! It has the best camera, unlimited storage and an assistant! Get details here
     If you live in the Steel City you need a reliable network. Head over to the nearest Verizon and check out the Pixel deal before it is too late. You want to get the best coverage around and that's Verizon
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Verizon. All opinions are 100% my own. 


12/13/2016 8:47am

Thanks to the Verizon for promoting the latest google phone, entitled as Google Pixel. However, some people are saying that Google has taken hardware from HTC to make that phone.


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