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     Ask your teen child the difference between the online and real world and it’s highly likely that they won’t know what you asked them for! For them, it all just blends a little too smoothly, and it’s just another way to stay connected with their “real world”.

     Our children are at an amplified risk of being abused, harassed or bullied, because of the aggrandizement of unmonitored digital technologies. XNSPY acts as your child’s online watchdog; a mobile spying application that can monitor and manage their online activity. So even if there is even a slight doubt that your child could be at a risk of online abuse, it’s pertinent that you take a look at what XNSPY mobile spy app can do for your child’s digital safety.

What is XNSPY mobile spy application and how it can protect your kids online?

XNSPY is a mobile spy application that parents can install onto their kids cell phone and tablets to oversee and manage their activities. The app doesn’t only serve as a secretive spying tool, but also a device management app that parents can use to define how their kids can use their digital devices. Using XNSPY is simple and effective. Take a look how this app can help you with monitoring your child’s online activity.

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  •   You can view your child’s internet browsing history and avoid unsolicited access to pornographic content, blood, gore and loads of other stuff that’s not suitable for their age. If there are some bookmarks or saved pages, xnspy can also get you access to that.
  • Your child’s social media activity should appall you, because this is the place where all the child predators, online sexual harassers, and bullies are lurking. You just CAN’T just let your child be on their own when it comes to their social networking. With XNSPY, you can view your child’s chats, call logs, and any kind of multimedia that they may share via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessage, and Tinder. These IM apps are encrypted and serve as safe havens for sexual abusers to engage your child in risky and inappropriate talk.
  •  Apart from all this, you might also want to look at their emails to check if they aren’t subscribing to something nasty or unsuitable for their age. Emails are a more discreet form of exchange and many parents can easily overlook them. That’s why they are still famous with a lot of smart kids.
It’s not just your child’s online watchdog! XNSPY is also a GPS tracker that could monitor your child’s offline activities, like the places they visited and the duration of their stay. The app works in real-time, so you have all the time to get to your child, if something goes wrong when they are away.

A device manager

With XNSPY, parents get to choose how their kids would be able to use their cell phone. Using the Lock/unlock feature on this mobile spying app, parents can cut down on their kids’ late night texting, calling and socializing obsession.

Then, if your child loses their cell phone or tablet, the app can also be used to remotely wipe data off it, preventing a possible dissemination of your kid’s personal data.

Miscellaneous Features

The app has some other quirky features like phone logs monitoring that includes watching over call logs, text messages, contacts and saved notes. Or you could also remotely listen to your monitored child’s phone calls.

It’s fancy, but beware!

Reading through all the aforementioned does give you a walkthrough of how easy it could be for you to monitor your children’s online activity; but it’s not as fancy as it sounds.

Monitoring your child isn’t your prerogative; in fact, it’s that of your child to let you monitor them. Well, legally, the U.S state does allow you to monitor your minors’ devices that are under your ownership, but we would still suggest you not to do so, unless your children give you consent of doing so.


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This is the app that i have been waiting for, for ages, what took people so long to make it, and I love your site have i ever told you that? Probably not but i am telling you now, the work you do and the effort you put into this to satisfy us means a lot and i really do always look forward to your work so please keep posting more and be rest assured that i will always come back for more!

shelly peterson
12/02/2016 9:49pm

This app sounds wonderful! I love that it is also a GPS tracker. This sounds like something every parent should have.

Julie Wood
12/05/2016 5:25am

This is such a good app and one that is so helpful to parents wanting to keep their kids safe online!


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