This post was sponsored by Furby Connect as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
     Years ago, I remember growing up with the original Furby and begging my parents to get me one when they were the hottest toy for the holidays. Now, it is years later and Furby has adapted to the times and he is on my kid's must have list for the holidays! Furby Connect has full color LED eyes which show kiddos even more expression as they communicate, advanced Bluetooth LE connectivity with smartphones and tablets, and a new LED antenna on its head that doubles as a joystick. Furby is the same great toy you remember from your childhood, except her has some awesome upgrades that you and your child will love! 
     This version of Furby takes app interaction a but further than the previous version. Your Furby can lay digital eggs and poop out things (all kinds of things) into a digital toilet when you place the toy over a paired device's screen. So yes, you will have a pooping Furby! 
      The app (check out the video below) also allows your Furby to talk to another Furby. The app is available for IOS and Android devices. Now, Hasbro has made some super incredible updates to Furby which make him ultra connected. The app now comes with kid-friendly videos and music curated by Hasbro. So, your Furby will sing and dance along with the music! The Furby Connect is much more than just an app. It also is super in tune with what is happening with the world! Furby Connect receives  updates pushed through the app's service. This is super cool because you won't need to remember to update the app each week and the app tells Furby what songs are trending.All are kid friendly and let's him sing and dance! 
     One of the features that was incredibly frustrating about previous versions of Furby was the inability to make Furby sleep! Furby Connect comes with its very own sleep mask. This is a genius addition! I really cannot tell you how much Hasbro knocked it out of the park with this feature. Imagine taking Furby on road trips and every bump made him wake up and begin talking which then made your kids start talking. I have been there, too many times. I LOVE the sleep mask! Genius! 
     Our family absolutely loves the Furby Connect! The cute little animal is the perfect companion for kiddos this holiday season. Furby Connect is now available for pre-order in two colors (pink and teal) and there is also a Chewbacca Furby! Be sure to check Furby off your child's list!
     Check out the Furby Connect on Facebook and visit their website to learn more. 
This post was sponsored by Furby Connect as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


12/16/2016 6:14pm

I've known Furby through my mom since she has this special love for it. She told me that it's the cutest thing she adored when she was young! Good thing, millennial kids have the chance to see how adorable furby is! But aside from the stuff toy, it's now an application! Many kids would love to play Furby Connect World! I too, am excited to experience the app!

12/21/2016 3:03am

Well that's a good way to sell a toy in the market. For me, I'm not surprised that marketers nowadays connect every product to the customer's phone. After all, no one exists without a smart phone at present. Looking at the bigger picture, I think our smartphones will be crucial for marketers in the next few years. But I'm not entirely surprised with this trend, because this is the 21st Century, by the way.

Terry Poage
12/25/2016 4:58pm

I have always loved Furbies.

Bethany Suire
12/31/2016 10:40am

Wow! He is super cute!

03/02/2017 8:17am

He is back! Welcome Furby, I was waiting for you.

07/28/2017 7:15am

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08/31/2017 3:24pm

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