This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Conscious Discipline. All opinions are my own.
     As our little ones grow into big kids they also have big emotions. I know my kids love big, cry hard, but they can also feel sad in a big way or get overwhelmed with anger too. As parents, we want to make our children feel better in any way that we can. Sometimes, when a child has big emotions, we can't always help. Instead, we need to teach them to self-regulate. This isn't something that is easy and comes naturally, to us or our kids. It is something that needs to be learned. That is why a program like Conscious Discipline can make all the difference in the world. 
     The Feeling Buddies kit is perfect for any family struggling with out of control emotions. I know for our family, we have been having a hard time lately with our toddler. He is a bit dramatic and when he gets mad, he is ANGRY. The other hard part is how terribly sad he is when he is down. However, most of the time, he is the happiest little boy in the world. So, this kit is the perfect way to introduce him, or any other child, to the concept of managing their emotions. 
     Parents will find some amazing tools included in this kit. It makes your journey simpler and much more achievable when you see it all laid out. The materials are simple for parents but fun for kids! 
     When you are ready to begin, you want to take some time to look over the materials without your child. First there is the Quick Start Guide. This guide walks you through your toolkit and in what order you should use the items. This also shows you how to access the 
Video Coaching with Dr. Bailey which is also included in your kit. In the Quick Start Guide, there are seven different steps that you will progress through. The steps include such items as watching sessions of video coaching, reading excerpts of Dr. Bailey's Book (included in the kit), or downloading other helpful materials.
      The Video Coaching with Dr. Bailey is extremely helpful. These sessions will teach you such things as breathing techniques and how to use your Feeling Buddies. Each video session is extremely relevant and important, I would recommend not skipping any of them. The book by Dr. Bailey that is included is "Managing Emotional Mayhem". This is an incredible read that will have you looking at your parenting skills and evaluating everything you thought you knew. 
     The seventh step to the Quick Start Guide is practicing everything you learned and implementing it with your child. You get to use the techniques such as the breathing techniques and the Feeling Buddies to show your child how to self-regulate. 
     This is an incredible kit that so many families have and will benefit from. I am currently working through the Quick Start Kit so we will be starting our journey soon! Want to learn more? Check out the Conscious Discipline website here. 


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