It’s important that your child has their own space in your home and that space is the bedroom. As they get older, this is going to be increasingly crucial because they're going to slowly become more independent. They won’t want to spend the evenings with you, they may spend it in their room, or they may head out with friends. They’ll also want privacy, and you have to provide them it. You can’t constantly be walking into their room and inspecting it. You should not be asking them to clean it or worse cleaning it yourself. From an early age, you have to make sure kids know this is their space. It’s their job to look after it and treat it how they please. Although if things get too extreme, you may want to take action. No one wants a room in a house covered with mold and filled with stale food. Even if it does belong to a terrible teen.
     Luckily, if you are fairly new to parenting, you have all of that to look forward to. For now, you can help your child design their room and fill it with everything they need. So, let’s look at how to design the ultimate kids room.

Order Is Important
     Even from a young age, your child is going to be bringing back work from school, and you want this to be kept organized. Make sure they have places to store their work or when they’re little, their toys. There are two advantages to this. First, when your kid is little, it will teach them to keep things organized for themselves and avoid clutter. If you give them the tools to use you’ll have one of the only kids in the neighborhood that cleans up after themselves as they play. As they get older, they will also be able to manage their work and their notes. So, one day you won’t walk in to find papers strewn across the floor. A little section of their room should be like a mini office. There needs to be a desk as well as a place for files and papers.

     You might think that your kid can work somewhere other than their room. But you don’t want to force them to work in a space where there’s a lot going on. This can be distracting, and it may affect the quality of their school work.

     As well as a place for files, you should have storage units. These are great, easy to setup and you can now get them with your kid’s favorite characters. So for instance, you can have a Star Wars storage unit under the bed for all the toys.

Comfortable And Cosy
     Next, you want to think about keeping the room comfortable. Remember, the main function of the bedroom is to have a place to hit they hay and get a good night of rest. To make sure that your kids are well rested for school, think about the duvets and the pillows that you’re using. They should provide support for them in bed and be soft enough that they don’t fidget. Have a look at a down comforter shopping guide for the latest in soft duvets and to make sure you get the perfect bed for your kid.

You might also want somewhere they can sit through the day. If they are in their bedroom, you don’t want them working or watching TV lying down. This will mean they’re not tired when it’s actually time to sleep. A bean bag chair is a classic choice here.

Theme The Room
     Since we mentioned Star Wars, it’s worth thinking about the possibility of a themed bedroom. Themed bedrooms are awesome if you know your kids loves a certain fashion, accessory or genre. For instance, for star wars themed room, you can have the curtains and duvet with their favorite characters. You can also have the storage unit we talked about, lightsabers on the wall and even paint in the colors of the sabers. So, you could have walls the color of Luke Skywalker's saber which is basically a pale blue.

     This is just one of the theme options, there are much more. For instance, you want to have a princess styled room. Did you know you can buy a custom made Disney princess bed? It’s true so you can have a room that looks like it’s been ripped straight from your kids' favorite fairy tale.

     I hope you have fun styling your own kid's room to be the perfect place for them.


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