4 Things to Never Skimp On as a Parent


As a parent, you’ve probably learned to bring out your frugal side and become more conscious of bargains and prohibitively high prices than ever. However, there are just some things are worth spending money on, even if it means paying more than you could.



Before you encounter problems, cheaper diapers probably seem extremely attractive. After all, most babies and toddlers use diapers for at least a couple of years, and if you’re going to use the disposable varieties, why not go with a brand that’s less expensive than the rest?


That line of thought seems to hold true until at least one embarrassing incident makes you vow to never choose cheap diapers again. Maybe a leak happened right when your characteristically grumpy great aunt picked up your newborn, or just before you were supposed to go enjoy a much-needed night out with your spouse.

Regardless of the specifics involved, you’ll likely learn that diapers belong on your no-skimp list.

Your Favorite Beverages


Maybe you’re a wine-loving woman or a dad who loves Dos Equis. If alcohol’s not your thing, perhaps you can hardly get through the first hour of the day without at least one cup of steaming coffee or cocoa.


Beloved beverages are worth splurging on, especially because they may end up being associated with a few precious moments of sanity throughout the day (or likely the night, in the case of alcoholic drinks). You probably don’t treat yourself to things as often as you once did while parenting, but it’s worthwhile to permit ongoing indulgence on delectable drinks, at least in moderation.

Reliable Door Locks


Parenting has a way of reminding you just how little privacy your life actually has. Thankfully, you can still get time to yourself as long as it’s spent behind doors equipped with strong, fail-proof door locks.


Invest in varieties that kids won’t figure out how to pick, and read reviews about door locks to get educated about the brands and styles that would work best for your home. Without the peace of mind offered by doors that lock tight, you might have to engage in a few too many awkward conversations with a curious toddler.

Home Insurance


Some parents balk at buying insurance because they assume (and hope) they’re paying for coverage they’ll never need to use. However, that’s a dangerous mindset. It’s at least highly advisable to work with an insurance agency and learn more about options for home insurance in your area. There will probably be several types of coverage you might want to consider.


Place of residence is one factor that can determine how much a household pays to insure an abode. However, if you’re up front with an insurance agent and confess you’re trying to buy insurance without blowing your budget, it may be possible to get good coverage at a price that’s less than you expected.


Now that you’ve learned about several things that are worth paying for as a parent, hopefully, it’ll be easier to manage your money. Remember, living frugally doesn’t mean sacrificing the things that matter by convincing yourself to do without them.



Well, this four things are the must in the to do list of any parent. Even my sister who is a proud parent has done these things very well. I think these things are very important for every parent.

04/14/2017 2:35am

I am not yet a parent, however I enjoyed reading your article. I can imagine how hard it is to be a parent. I salute all the other parents out there for their unending love, guidance and support for their children. I will take note of the suggestions you've mentioned. I will also share this article to my friends.


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