Getting married when you have kids may seem quite stressful. However, if your kids are willing and able to get involved, the whole wedding can be far more fun and family friendly. There are many ways children of all ages can get involved. Of course, the choices are up to you. This is your special day with your partner. As much as your kids are a huge part of your life, you might still want some parts of your wedding to be all about you. Here are just some of the ways your kids can become a part of your big day, without being too intrusive:
     Young children love counting and organizing things into sets or groups. Your wedding guest list is perfect for that kind of activity! When you are trying to cut your guest list down to size, give your kids a card with each name on, and see if they can fit each person on the seating plan. Your children may be ideal wedding invite designers too. You can create your own wedding invitations online for free with the help of your kids, choosing colors and fonts for your theme. Fortunately, children find stuffing and sealing envelopes far more fun than us, and will love the opportunity to help here.
Favors and Gifts

     Some children love putting together little favor bags. This can be a great activity for you all to enjoy together. If you have any gifts to give to those involved in your wedding, why not let the children help here too? Don’t forget that you will be receiving a lot of gifts on the big day. Young kids can feel a little left out, or even penalized by not having one of their own. Now might be the time they start hinting at the kind of gift they’re hoping to receive!
Nibbles and Cakes
     If your kids love to bake and decorate cakes, why not let them stretch their creative muscles with some cupcakes? They don’t have to be part of your actual wedding cake, but they can be tasty treats to add to the wedding buffet. Alternatively, why not encourage them to bake a decorated biscuit or cake to offer you both as part of the celebration? It’s a lovely way to welcome the new era for your family.
Formal Roles
     Children of all ages have formal roles they can adopt at weddings. Page boys, flower girls, and the best man can all be your own kids. Perhaps your son could give you away? Or maybe your daughter could be a bridesmaid? These important roles show that you trust your kids with responsibility. It also helps to bring the family together as you marry your partner. After all, marriage is hard work and needs the support of loved ones. In some places, an older child could even officiate the wedding. What better welcome to the family for a new stepmom or stepdad?
     Weddings have always been about family. The joining of two (or more) families, and the future promise of more members. Bringing your kids to the ceremony and celebrating with them at the reception is only a small part of what they could contribute. Congratulations.


03/31/2017 6:48am

When I was a kid, I never really enjoyed wedding occasions. I wasn't a fan of being in a hot place for many hours, waiting for the groom and bride to kiss and finish their ceremony. The only thing that I enjoyed was the party afterwards and eating in the feast. I do, however, believe that you've made some really good points. I think that these are really effective tips and if I was a kid, I'd enjoy the wedding using these tips.


Yeah our children Go and Enjoy a lot at wedding as described, and suggested in above post. They Can't even wait for invitation and went there with friends. They love to eat, chat and play in Wedding ceremonies. I hope This will not change into bad habits.

09/02/2017 9:22am

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