Getting ready for a house move can take a lot of organising. You’ve got to sort a new house to move into while packing your current home, keeping the kids entertained and with as little disruption as possible. No easy feat, right?
Wrong. Moving house isn’t hard if you make sure you follow a tight schedule and keep the kids happy, which usually takes help from friends and family. Taking help where you can get it means you are able to get the house packed faster and more efficiently. Moving your entire family interstate makes things a little more difficult, especially if you are going from one side of the country to another. Planning your new start in a new state is a huge adventure, and seeing it as such rather than the challenge it will be can make for a more exciting time.

Not only will you be living in a new house, you’ll be living in a whole new environment. The climate will be different, your job will be different and the schools your children go to will be different. It’s a big adjustment and it all starts with choosing a moving company that can handle the entire move. Smaller companies tend to not be able to handle moving all your things across the country. Choose a company that is experienced in what they do and have handled big moves before. This way you can use a company with reputable references so you can feel confident about moving everything you own thousands of miles.

     Communicate your plans to move as early as you can. Tell your children first and then close family and friends. You’re going to need as much support as possible and you may come across some resistance and not just from the older children in the family. Close family and parents may be unhappy that you’re moving away. Keep strong with your decision; your choice to move interstate won’t have been one you have taken lightly so do what you need to for your family and not for anyone else.
     Before you make the big move, don’t leave any loose ends stray. Settle utility and phone company bills, inform the schools of your plans as well as your medical services so that they can anticipate your new surgery requesting your medical records. Redirect your mail to the new house a week ahead of the move so that nothing important gets left at the old house. Check out the costs of transferring your car registration and insurances to the new state, and get to know the neighbourhood thoroughly.
     Moving interstate is a little more of a challenge than moving a few suburbs away, but it’s easily done with a lot of organisation and support. The promise of adventure for your family is ahead of you and making sure you promote the move as an adventure can really help children settle to the idea. Stay positive, stay open to communication and stay positive; you’re starting over for your family – that’s exciting!


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