After you have been married a number of years, you might start considering renewing your rows. After all, it’s a great way of celebrating your love. In fact, it can help relight the spark in your relationship. And if you have had kids, it’s a superb opportunity for them to be part of your special day this time round. However, a lot of couples don’t know where to start when planning their renewal. Therefore, here is some handy advice to make renewing your vows a special day for the whole family.
Make the kids part of your wedding party
     It’s likely when you renew your vows that you will have a smaller wedding party than you did the first time! After all, you won’t need a dozen bridesmaids and ushers to be part of your special day. Instead, you should consider making your kids your bridesmaids and ushers. They will love having a significant role in the special day. And the girls, in particular, will love dressing up in cute bridesmaid dresses. You could even have your kids walk you down the aisle. After all, they will feel proud walking alongside you. And even carrying the rings or giving a speech are both things you might want to get the kids to do. Just make sure you get plenty of photos to ensure you remember the very special day.
Look into getting new rings and attire
As much as you might have loved the rings you originally had for the wedding, it might be time to invest in some new ones. After all, they might not fit comfortably nowadays. For starters, you might want to get a new engagement ring. After all, it gives your hubby another chance to propose! If he messed up the first time, he might love another shot to get it right. You can then go and get new wedding bands you can swap for the ceremony. Just make sure you keep the old ones safe to pass on to your kids when they are older. And as well as rings, you might want to get new attire for the special day. After all, you might not fit in your old wedding dress. And it’s an excuse to go wedding dress shopping, as well as a chance for your hubby to buy a new suit!
Pick a special venue
It can be a hard decision on where to renew your vows. After all, you might not want to do it at your first wedding venue. Therefore, it might be that you choose somewhere which is memorable in a different way. For example, somewhere you all went on a memorable family holiday could be a perfect place to have the wedding. And you can make it into a vacation with the kids after to ensure you have a wonderful time! Or it might be somewhere in your local area that you have visited before with the family. Just make sure you book well in advance. That way, you won’t be left disappointed if your chosen venue is fully booked!
And remember this time around you will be funding the wedding! So stick to a minimum of guests and keep decor and entertainment to a minimum for the sake of your bank account!


03/27/2017 11:56pm

I like this idea and every couple need to follow these rules to celebrating their wedding in a very special way. One should have to renew the vows and give respect to each other to do new things.


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