We all want our wedding day to reflect us. It is the day that cements your love, so it makes sense you want to inject as much of yourself as possible. The benefits of getting handy with DIY speak for themselves. What better way to incorporate yourself into your wedding than making decorations? No shop bought item can have as much meaning as a handmade piece. Yes, you have enough to worry about already. But, personality isn’t something you can afford to skip. So, how can you make sure your wedding is the personal affair you’ve always dreamt of? Here are a few ideas to get you started.
     When planning a wedding, taking inspiration from other sources is a must. How else can you know where to begin? But, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to follow that inspiration exactly. No other wedding day can represent you and your partner’s values. How could it, when it wasn’t designed by you? However, there are ways you can take inspiration and make it suit you. All you need to do is twist those ideas. If you like an idea you find elsewhere, consider what part it could play in your wedding. Think about what you could add to make it unique to you. With a little effort, you can make anything fit with your vision!
     Your wedding venue will form the biggest part of your day. It is what will stick in the minds of your guests. It will even constitute the backdrop for your photographs. That’s why it’s important to think personality here, too. That’s not to say you have to get DIY on venue. Who has time for that? Instead, take your pick from unique wedding venues that already mean something to you. It may be that you’ve visited a hotel together in the past. Or, perhaps a certain location is significant to your relationship in some way. Choosing a venue that means something ensures your day will be a meaningful one from the off. Plus, it will make a special place mean that bit more.
     Another huge part of any wedding day is the cake. Add a personal touch to your day by making your own if you feel up to the challenge. As DIY ideas go, this is a relatively easy one to achieve. A basic idea of baking should be enough to see you through. Don’t worry about making the perfect cake. This is homemade to add personality, so a few mistakes here and there will add to the charm. Plus, it will make sure your guests know that you've done it yourself! If you don’t feel like you could manage, ask someone who knows you and your partner. A cake maker with no connection to the two of you can only make a generic cake. Someone who knows a little about you both can make sure the cake represents the way you really are.


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