Wedding days take so much planning and preparation - we all know this. It’s no surprise to be planning for months if not years in order to get the best out of your big day. We all have a perfect vision in our heads imprinted from when we are very young of what to expect. There are some things that most people do in terms of pulling off a typical and traditional wedding; there’s the dress, the rings, the wedding party outfits and everything else that goes hand in hand with it. But how can you make it personal to what you’re doing?
     There are so many places which help to design a ring to make it personal to your day, but what if you took it a step further and provided the materials for it? 1 Carat Diamond Price - 1 Carat Diamond Rings | Diamond Registry is a site where you can get hold of the sole diamonds in order to put them in your ring/jewellery if you want it, and gold bullion is easily available online to order. Some people plan it years in advance and get bits of gold to put away in order to make into a ring later on - this is something that you can think of doing now if your wedding is too far into the future to start panicking about.
Dresses and Suits
     Most people take to a shop dedicated to dressing the bride and groom, and whilst they’re good for providing beautiful garments to wear on the day, chances are that they’re not going to be as personal as you like. There could be another bride somewhere else in the world wearing exactly the same dress. Being unique is not a new thing when it comes to weddings,and neither is designing your own dress, but it often serves very well as a reminder that this can be done. Taking the time to visit a dressmaker rather than a dress shop can help them out a great deal and keep their trade going, as well as giving you something divine at the end of it all. If you’ve got little girls to cater for as well, they’ll love the buzz of going to fittings and getting their dress custom made just for them.
     Flowers are seasonal in most cases, unless they’re being flown in from another country to meet demand. Keeping in season can give you such glorious bunches to choose from. Or, if you’re a keen gardener, why not grow your own? Seeds are so cheap nowadays, and you can get a mix of wild flowers to grow and bunch together for a kooky but effective decoration.
Wedding Favours
     The favours are the best bit in terms of really expressing your personality and what you love. These are the things that your guests will be taking away with them to remember the day - so make it good and something brilliant to look back on! Sugared almonds are the tradition in most places, but you can be as far-out as you like. If you like to gamble, give your guests a lottery ticket each. If you do a lot of charity work, give out a pin or memento for the cause close to your heart. It’s the best personal touch you can give.


05/02/2017 3:16am

Marriage is good time for couples and we want to make it memorable time. Here we can read the best tips and opinions for arrangement. New generation should obey the in this matter because it is very sensitive matter.

05/05/2017 11:18am

I definitely agree with your suggestions. These will surely make the wedding much more creative. I don't have any plans to partake in the ceremony at present. I do have some friends who will be getting married in the near future. I'll be suggesting them the same suggestions you've listed in here.


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