The idea that you and your family aren’t living in a healthy environment when you’re at home is a very discomforting one. But the fact is that a lot of modern families aren’t living in healthy environments. Homes are often riddled with toxins - and, often, it’s a direct result of our attempts to actually make them clean and healthy!
Over time, the indoor air pollution that a lot of us are dealing with builds up and starts to affect our health. It’s not always obvious that exposure to dangerous elements in our home is the cause of our various illnesses - but when you examine these elements in your home, it’s abundantly clear that these things are best kept away from your home.
Air fresheners
Air fresheners really do very little to freshen the air in your home! These substances may have “air freshener” written on their containers, but they’re actually filled with loads of dangerous chemicals. Hardly the kind of thing that makes the air around you fresh, right? They usually come in the form of aerosols, and the very functioning of aerosols are bad for the environment, let alone the chemicals contained within! And you’d best believe that there are loads of harmful chemicals in these products. Try to rely on open windows a little more often!
Cleaning products
Soaps, washing up liquids, shampoos, conditioners, detergents, lotions - these things are often filled with things that don’t do your skin much good. But there are other cleaning products out there - window cleaners, oven cleaners, shower cleaners, bleaches, and the like - that fill your air with tons of nasty elements. Ever been in a room too long with any of these things and found yourself feeling a bit dizzy? That’s your body sending you a message!
Flame retardants
     Nobody wants their home to be on fire. So why not buy furniture that’s flame retardant? Especially when it’s so easy to get furniture that’s flame retardant, considering that flame retardant materials can be found in bedding, sofas, desks, carpets, mattresses… in fact, you may even have flame retardant furniture all over your home without ever having aimed to buy flame retardant materials specifically! But the question you should ask yourself is: what makes those items flame retardant? Answer: a very thin chemical coating. And it’s not a good chemical coating to have in your home: much like paint, it gives off subtle fumes that cause a lot of damage. Besides, they only delay fires by a few seconds at most, and end up producing more carbon monoxide - which is precisely what kills people in most fires.
Ventilation and heating problems
     You’ve also got to think about the air that is being brought into your home by various systems. If the ventilation leading from the outside to the inside isn’t clean, or if it’s next to an area of your garden in which pesticides are in use, then you’re going to have some problems with air pollutants in your home. You also need to think about the heating and air conditioning systems you’re using. If you’ve got a dirty or old furnace, for example, then that could end up dirtying the air in your home. In fact, if your furnace is about ten years old or more, or has otherwise been on the fritz, you might want to think about getting a furnace replaced.
Carpet problems
     We don’t imagine that carpets can cause that many problems in our home. Sure, they get dusty, but simply getting the vacuum cleaner out maybe once a week should do the trick, right? Actually, carpets are not great at all for the air in your home. All of the air pollutant problems we’ve mentioned? They’re much harder to get rid of when you have a carpet because carpets basically act as a sponge that soaks up these pollutants and keeps them lingering around your home. The amount of dirt these things collect also ensure that, to keep a carpet as hygienic as possible, you should really be washing it at least once a month. Of course, once or twice a year will do plenty of good, but most families don’t bother at all.
Excess moisture
     Cooking, breathing, showering - it all creates moisture that stays locked up in your home unless you have a really good ventilation system. You may not think that excess moisture is that big a problem - after all, how could moisture in the air be a pollutant that damages your family’s health? The problem isn’t so much the moisture itself as it is what the moisture causes - mold. That moisture gets locked into corners and skirting boards and allows pathogenic bacteria to start breeding and eating away at your walls. Then you’ll start to see black and green spots - small, at first. But then it will start to spread. Mold causes spores to enter the air that can cause serious damage to your health. It’s best that you double-check your bathroom, which is the room that becomes most affected by mold, especially around the shower.
What should we do?
     You’ll notice that a lot of these problems are caused by particular products that most people use in their homes. The solution here is to look for greener, more organic solutions. For example, you could replace spray deodorants with roll-ons, or even deodorant powder. Cleaning products such as detergents, soaps, and bleaches can be replaced with organic alternatives - you just need to look out for the right labels.
     There are always ways to remove flame retardant chemicals from materials, usually with very vigorous washing. One of the most concerning things here is that flame retardants are often used in kids’ pajamas, but there are ways to get the chemicals out of them.
     One of the best things you can do once you’ve gotten rid of the elements that produce those pollutants is get the air in your home purified. You can either hire a service to do this, or you can look into getting your own air purifier. There are loads of different types out there and the quality varies, so much sure you check independent reviews of air purifiers.


04/21/2017 12:43am

The idea that you and your family aren’t living in a healthy environment when you’re at home is a very discomforting one. But the fact is that a lot of modern families aren’t living in healthy environments.

05/20/2017 4:04am

Based on my experience dust mites devour the health of the person or people living in a house. The best way to get rid of them is to have clean indoors, especially carpets. As carpets are very hard to clean most people just try to dry them in the sun or dust it occasionally. However, that is not the right way as dust mites are not affected by such methods.


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