Ah, school break. Children break up for the holidays, and then they break your spirits. I’m joking, of course. Everybody loves a little time off, and even if you’re still in work, it’s nice to know that you can spend some quality time going out and about with your kids when you’re at home. Still, whether you’re a parent who’s in work or not, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what you should be doing to keep your kids tame on their school break.
     Entertainment always seems to cost money. That’s probably the biggest worry on your mind. You want to keep your kids amused, but everything just seems so expensive, and prices are likely to only rise further given that businesses know when it’s the school holidays. There’s no need to feel so stressed, however, as there are always ways to entertain your children without spending a fortune.
Having fun at home.
     Whilst neither you nor your kids should be housebound every day, that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things to do at home during the holidays. You could stick on a movie marathon if you’re all feeling particularly lazy or you could get a little proactive and get stuck in with some baking. Of course, if you’re dealing with little ones, things are probably going to get messy in the kitchen, and the end-result might not quite be up to the standards of The Great British Bake Off. Still, it’s not about creating a five-star dessert; it’s about having a laugh with your little ones, and there are plenty of ways to do so at home.
A non-expensive family day out.
     Don’t panic. I know this was the dreaded suggestion, as you don’t want to be wasting a lot of money. A day out, however, doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as you might think. You don’t need to take a quick trip to Paris; there are probably more fun things in your local area than you realise. You might not even have to take the car, and that could save you some money on petrol.
     Given that it’s the school holidays, there are probably lots of local events if you check Facebook pages for your area or your local library. There might be fun events at the park, but heading to the park is a fun idea, regardless. You could even check out the photo booths in your local area for a fun, goofy way to make some memories with your little ones. Museums can also be a free and fun day out, granted you focus on the sections geared towards kids.
If both parents are working.
     Perhaps both you and your partner work or you raise your children alone, and there’s nobody to look after them whilst you’re at work. Though it’s upsetting that you can’t spend as much time with them over the school break as you’d like, it’s also stressful to try and arrange some sort of care for your kids during the day, given that they won’t be in somewhere safe such as school until you finish.
     You could always look into some local summer camps or even clubs at the local sports centre which know parents have to work and arrange day-long activities to keep them entertained until you get home. You can still spend some fun evenings and weekends together throughout the holidays, but this way you ensure your kids are doing something more fun than sitting in the house with a nanny until you get home.
Take turns with friends.
     If the parents of your child’s friends are in a similar situation over the holidays and they don’t have the time or the mental power to think of entertaining things for their kids to do every day, you could arrange a rota for all of you throughout the school break. Each parent could take their turn at arranging an activity for all the other kids, giving the other parents a little recovery time on certain days.
Enjoy spending time together.
     At the end of the day, your children and simply enjoy spending time with their parents, as you do with them, so simply relax and enjoy the company. As stressful as holidays may seem in terms of organisation and keeping your little ones entertained each day, this can be a break for the parents too. Perhaps you’ll be working some of the time, but take those days you day have off to take a leaf out of your children’s book and ‘chillax’.



04/12/2017 10:22pm

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