Being a mom is a blessing, but being a mom that has boys as well as girls to look after has its own special challenges. There are some situations that it seems only boys get into, so read on to see if you recognize any of these, and get some advice on how to deal with them.
     They have to have the latest haircut
     Something you may have noticed about being a mum of boys is that they are a lot more into their appearance than you thought they’d be. In fact, they just have to have the latest haircut or else they will explode!
     While I don't mind them looking their best, it can be a struggle sometimes to constantly pay out for expensive haircuts that need redoing every couple of weeks. That is why you should try to steer them towards a style that can be completed at home with clippers.
Clippers really are the best way of doing your boys hair with minimum fuss and effort, and they are way safer than using a razor too. Which means you can give them the latest style without worrying that it will all end in disaster.
     To save you some hassle, here are the best hair clippers for men, if you don't already own some. So you can make your boys and your wallet happy at the same time.
     Their stuff seem to live everywhere but where it should be
     Why is it that the boy's toys always seem to be where they shouldn't be? Whether it's all over the lounge rug, halfway up the stairs, or half buried in the flower bed at the end of the garden, it can really make it a nightmare to keep everywhere clean and tidy.
    Now there are many ways of getting the boys in your life a little more organized, one of which is to schedule is tidying up daily.
    This means that there will be a block of time every day or even twice a day if need be, where everything that is out gets put back.
     When they are young, you can make it into a game, and when they get a little older sweeten the deal by allowing them to listen to their iPod while they are tidying.
They eat you out of house of home
     Lastly being a mom of boy can sometimes feel like you are working in a canteen. They always seem to be hungry, and their appetite for food just seem to increase the older they get.
     So much so, that it can be a nightmare to keep your fridge stocked and leftovers are something that gets hoovered up straight away.      So how can you cater to their ever growing appetite, while not spending a fortune and making sure that there is enough left for everyone else in the family?
     Well, one way that works is to ensure that you provide enough snacks to keep them going throughout the day. So they don't start digging into the ingredients you have earmarked for the night's meal.
     Fruit and veg bought in bulk make great snacks that don't cost the earth, and the occasional homemade sweet treat is always welcome; come 3 pm, to bridge that gap between lunch and dinner.


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