Getting married isn’t cheap. Whilst you can shop around for the cheapest registry office, invite no guests and get married in casual clothes, most of us want out special day to be special which means keeping onto all the traditions and hosting a ceremony and party to remember. Fortunately, there are ways to still have all the bells and whistles without spending a fortune. Here’s how…
Timing is everything
     The time you choose to get married can really affect the cost. Summer is peak season because of the better chances of good weather. However, you could save $40 to $50 per guest by getting married in the off-peak season from December to March. Weekends are also pricier. Get married on a Thursday night and you could spend 20% less. Another alternative is a Sunday morning – why not opt for a lavish wedding brunch over a dinner and save 30% on catering costs.
Find reasonably priced rings
     Wedding rings can be an expensive oversight. Some couples will try and match the grandeur of the engagement ring. For others, an engagement ring can be a time for bringing on the bling, whilst a wedding ring can a time for something a little more subtly classy. Tungsten carbide can be an affordable alternative to gold and silver that still has a sophisticated shine to it. You’ll find an amazing selection of Tungsten wedding bands for women online. Tungsten is also a great ring material for men. Another great option is ceramic.
Be frugal with flowers
     Many couples can go overboard on the flowers. Having a few big impressive centrepieces rather than adorning every table and corner could have more of an impact on your guests and cost less. Carnations and roses are some of the most cost-effective options you can buy when it comes to flowers. Wedding florists will often try to sway you to experiment with rarer and more expensive options – unless you really adore these flower choices, stand your ground or you could spending a fortune on your floral décor.
Don’t blow out on food and drink
It’s easy to spend a lot on food and drink. Buffet meals are much cheaper as they cut out the cost of waiting staff. Another creative option is to have chefs cook at the table – not only does it cut out the waiting staff costs but it also makes the meal more interactive. Putting money behind the bar can be a great treat and incentive for more guests to come, but you can take steps to limit which drinks are available on the open bar to stop guests ordering the priciest drinks. As for the cake, consider adding faux layers to make it look bigger - but actually contain less cake and work out cheaper.

Use your network

Who you know can be very useful when it comes to wedding planning. Do you have a friend or family member that really want to get into photography? You could get them to take a few snaps and save a lot of money. Do you have an uncle or a cousin with DJ experience? Why not get them to handle the evening’s music setlist.



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