There isn't a parent in the world that wants their child to perform poorly academically. Every parent the world over wants success for that child and for the most part that means success at school, college and university. Success can come from a variety of places, and some of the most successful business people worldwide will tell you that they learnt more outside of school 'in the real world' than they did hitting the books at school. No matter what though, education be it at school, home or further education in college and university is dramatically important for most children, if not all and will be the foundation of any success that they hope to achieve in later life.
     Education isn't just the job of schools, tutors and teachers though. Your own actions will have a large effect on your child's development and education. How do you start helping your kids out when it comes to education? How do you do your best to help their learning and growth? Well, firstly - you need to understand your child and their goals. In school, this knowledge can help your child decide between school subjects - they might want to prioritise certain subjects that might be important to achieving their goals. Of course, there are certain subjects that will always need to be covered to give your child the best chance in life. An understanding of literacy and numeracy will help you child calculate and communicate. These skills are valuable throughout life and are the foundation of any success in academia or in the workplace.
     How do you encourage a child to learn? Well, offering rewards for meeting educational milestones and goals can help encourage your child to succeed in education. Offering rewards for positive involvement, good grades or anything else positive in education can help them succeed. Set the bar high, though as an abundance of rewards can have a negative effect on the development of a child. Make a system and stick to it. You don't necessarily need to inform the child of the existence of a reward system, but they will respond well to being rewarded for success. A reward system that works will help your child succeed and encourage them to carry on succeeding and developing their skills. A reward system doesn't have to focus on material goods, but can be praised based as well. Learning should be made fun - and it can be through sites like and reward systems that help develop education.
     The thing is - education is important, but it only makes up a portion, albeit large portion, of childhood. You know how the saying goes ‘all work, but no play…’ The secret to success with education is balance. A child needs to enjoy themselves and learn how to enjoy their education. This cannot happen with a sole focus on learning and development and this won’t be good for a child’s development at all. They need to have fun to flourish and you’d do well as a parent to remember that.


05/30/2017 9:36am

No doubt, parenting is not an easy 9-5 job especially when it comes to educate your children or anything related to a child's education. And education is not a job of school teacher’s only.


Do that kind of thing which is good and which make you base good. And may be this is the time to select the best educational level for your child's. And may be this is only the best way to understand what is good for our child or what is not good for them.

02/22/2018 12:59pm

That post would be helpful for all those needy mothers, thanks for sharing.


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