Father’s Day is on the horizon – mark June 18th on your calendar – so if you want to get ahead of the game and buy the dads in your life something special, it’s time to start thinking about picking the perfect gift.
     I know choosing a gift that the men in your life will truly love can be tricky, especially if you want to get them something special, which is why I’ve put together a list of some of the best Father’s Day 2017 gifts. Check them out if you want to ensure that you give him something cool this Father’s Day…
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Want something cool to give a young daddy? Want it to be something he really won’t be expecting? Plump for a cool pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, which will make him feel like a movie star. The great thing about Ray-ban Wayfarer sunglasses is that they are always in fashion and they can be worn with any style. One thing’s for sure; he’ll be the coolest dad on the block if you give him this gift on Father’s Day.
Fishing Equipment
     For many people, Father’s Day conjures up memories of fishing with their dads when they were kids. If your children haven’t been lucky enough to have this experience yet, get them to give their daddy a couple of fishing rods, bait and anything else they’ll need and take him out to the lake for a fishing trip none of you will ever forget.
A New Barbecue

Does dad love nothing more than to show off his skills at the grill? Treat him to a brand new barbecue with all the mod-cons, and he’ll be in his element cooking up a Father’s Day brunch for the family.
New Sneakers
If the father in your life is the sporty type, buying him a brand new pair of Nike’s with all the latest technology to boost performance will light up his face with delight on Father’s Day morning. You could even start a new family tradition by having the kids slip on their sneakers for a family run, too.
Scotch Whiskey
     Does dad like the finer things in life? Treat him to a fine bottle of Scotch whiskey, and perhaps a box of cigars and let him celebrate his day in style.
A Gold Bracelet
     If he’s a snappy dresser with an interest in fashion, ensure that dad gets what he wants this year by purchasing him a mens gold bracelet By Frost Nyc. He’ll love being able to show it off with his best suit, and it’s a gift that will last him a lifetime.
Something Homemade
If you and your kids like to crafts, what could be better than helping them make something special for daddy on his most important day of the year? There are countless projects from making homemade cards to knitting socks that you can get involved in as a family, and it’ll be all the more special for dad knowing how much thought and effort has gone into his gift.
A Supercar Driving Experience
     If dad is all about fast cars, he will be over the moon when the kids present him with a voucher for his very own supercar driving experience, especially if he’s been expecting socks and aftershave. He’ll have the time of his life driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche around a real-life racing track like he’s Lewis Hamilton and you’ll all love seeing him have so much fun.
Hot Sauce
     If he loves his food spicy, buy the father in your life a gift set of the finest hot sauces around. He’ll get a kick out of trying them out, testing his mettle and challenging the rest of you to see who can handle the hot stuff better than the rest.
A Retro Games Console
     Want to hit him up with some nostalgia and get daddy and kids having some fun together on Father’s day? Buy him a retro NES games console, and he’ll be in his element showing the kids the kind of computer games he used to play when he was their age, challenging them to game-off and remembering his youth.
A Beard Care Kit
Does dad have a beard? Treat him to a beard care kit, which contains lots of lovely products to keep his beard clean, soft and tidy. After all, dads deserve to be pampered too.

Do you have a dad in your life? What will you and the kids be buying him for Father’s Day?



I think any relationship has strong value and any special day need not require to prove it. I don't say we should not celebrate, as its being celebrated by all with lots of love then we can make it special. Father is a special relation in any one's life and giving them importance is very essential.

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