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     As a mom I know kiddos have some big emotions! That is a great thing, as long as they know how to express them. In our home, we have been trying out the Feeling Buddies toolkit to help our children harness some of those big feelings, but still clearly express what they are thinking in that moment. This easy to use kit teaches healthy self-regulation skills for your little one to use in everyday life. 
     The Feeling Buddies for Families Home Edition wasn't just beneficial for our children, but was great for us parents too! The system is designed to help moms, dads, caregivers and loved ones to assist your child in expressing their emotions effectively. The system is great because instead of just reading a book, it is completely interactive. You have the Mini Feeling Buddies with carrying case Helping My Buddies, a Listen to Your Feelings CD, the buddies, and more that goes along with the interactive web coaching series. As a family, we would sit down and watch the series together each night. It gave clear and easy to follow instructions that our children looked forward to. Their favorite were the stuffed "Buddies". These cute little dolls gave our kiddos something tangible to feel when talking about emotions. 
     Since we have a child with Asperger's Syndrome, facial cues are often hard for her to decipher. The dolls were perfect for telling her what disappointed looked like or to ask her to make an anxious face like the buddy. This is an incredible collection for any family like ours who has a little one on the spectrum. It gives your child lessons they can understand about emotions that usually escape them. 
     The Feeling Buddies kit is an invaluable resource for any family. Just in the few short weeks we have been using it, our children have learned to use words to describe their emotions. Our daughter has learned to look for facial cues, just like she sees on the "Buddies". This is an incredible system that every family will learn and thrive because of. Want to learn more? Check out 
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% my own. 


I agree that these days even children are facing multiple feelings syndrome. As the generation is developing the people are also facing stress and depression. I must say these feelings of sad and depression are very harmful for life and you are doing a good thing by helping to over come from that.


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