Cherishing your child’s special moments and first-time achievements is a little addiction all parents have. You collect teeny-tiny tokens here and there to remember the moments that come and go like fleeting spring showers. Sometimes it will be a reminder, other times it will be something you absolutely couldn’t throw away.
To help give you an idea of the kind of things you should preserve forever - things you will look back on years from now and smile at - we have come up with a list of bits and bobs you can take inspiration from. But please, don’t feel guilty for forgetting to make a memory of everything; living in the moment is more important. Remember that.

1. Hospital Tag

This is the very first thing your baby wore, and that comes with its own little slice of magic. Not only that, but it will remind you of how teeny-tiny they were; their time of birth, height, weight and mummy’s name scrawled neatly across it.

2. Newspaper

Buying and keeping a newspaper from the day they were born was once something that only a few did. But it is gaining in popularity with each new birth. It is just a nice way to remember what the world was like on that day, what the pressing issues were and how far we have come.

3. Playlist

There is no better way to remember what life was like when your baby was born than to give those memories a soundtrack. Make a playlist of all the songs you are listening to, and those that are popular, and burn them onto a CD to be listened to in years to come.

4. Jewelry

Every memory box needs jewelry; it could be the yellow canary diamond your baby got for their christening, or it could be a sterling silver bracelet you bought them for their first birthday. Whatever it is, it will mean so much to your child when you hand over this box in years to come.

5. Hair

The first hair cut is always a big occasion, which is why it is so worth keeping a little lock of their gorgeous hair. Put it in a pretty frame or store it in a nice envelope.

6. Footprint

So many people get so many different things put into cast these days. Some mummy’s get their baby bumps cast, which is beautiful. But what we suggest is you get a little cast made of their tiny hands and feet. There isn’t a more beautiful keepsake than a lifesize cast of their tiny little toes.

7. Painting

What they draw will be gobbledygook to everyone else, but to you, that mess of colors and splodges of paint is worth more than the entire collection of Picasso’s known works. So slip safely into your box.

8. Coin

Drop a little coin into their box, one that has their birth date on. It could be a commemorative coin or legal tender. It could even be a specially made gold coin. Whatever it is, it will have a lovely significance.

9. Babygrow

There is nothing cuter or sweeter than that first babygrow you wrap your baby in before leaving the hospital. It may just be cotton, but it holds so many amazing memories. Just give it a quick wash first.



06/05/2017 6:23am

I believe when our children's are growing up we also get a lot of news things to learn. I have a learnt a lot when I have a baby and that was a great experience of life. These tips shared are really good and worth sharing.

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Thank you for sharing such a adorable posts regarding to filling the baby's memory box.

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In this cutting edge the people are using the latest technology to keeping the records of memories and photographs. Those ideas very creative and impressive as well for us all to keep our kids memories in the box.


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