There are many ways to bond with your children. It’s not even necessary to go on extensive holidays and invest in a huge adventure to do so. In fact, the best parts of raising children are free. However, if you’ve found that your child has an inclination for the entrepreneurial side of life, this might be a great way to help educate them about the world of business transactions.
     It might be a lemonade stand, home baked treats or painting and decorating people’s furniture. Investing time in a little idea can help you guys connect more, and become tighter as a family unit. It will also stimulate their imagination, help them be more confident around strangers, and understand the value of earning your money. It’s a great way to help divide the profits and give them a sizable allowance, or even save for their college fund.
     Whatever your motivation, running a small side-hustle with your child can be a fruitful experience. But once you’ve set up your endeavor, and have the baked goods ready, how do you find people in your local neighborhood to buy what you’re selling?
Well, you can use these helpful tricks:
Door To Door Sales
     Bringing your product to sample or a portfolio of your design work door-to-door is a great way to engage with your local community, and adds a nice personal touch. The local residents are much more likely to engage with you in a positive way if they feel like they were worth the effort to be sold to. This method also works well due to a general social rule: people want to get on with their neighbors. They’ll no doubt at least pretend to be interested if you’re polite and courteous, and don’t demand anything from them.
     It will also help if you seem passionate about what you’re doing. Show them this was your child’s idea, and let the excitement of childhood shine through. Furthermore to the general social rule listed above, people usually want to be considered nice and respectful towards your children. This might help you with your sales, and enthuse your child about the wonders of building positive relationships. If they become a high flier in the corporate world, they’ll fall back on this experience in more ways than you might think. That might seem like a flight of fantasy, but it’s really not. Helping your child form a go-getter attitude with the emphasis on fun will help them grow into a dynamic, thoughtful and happy person.
A Stand
     If you’re selling nourishing drinks or food items, why not make a stand? The old cliche of a child lemonade stand holds up because it works. It’s also a great way to display your creations and get creative with your display. If you’re in a populated neighborhood, this is a fantastic way to draw interest. People are more likely to kowtow to a child’s business venture, so be sure to give them pride of place. This is a great time for a photo opportunity to promote your little business through:
Social Media Pages
     First, be responsible. Pictures of your children on the internet are not to be recommended, especially through a public page. Instead, taking pictures of the stand, or creation process of your saleable items. You can localize your small business to only be viewable in your immediate area or state, which is ideal if you’re selling from your home. Building a solid follower basis will also help you celebrate your growth with your child from a secure place.
WOM Marketing
     If you’re succeeding in sales, and you’d like to take it to the next level, you should consider WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing. Providing your products to be reviewed by consumers such as bzzagent will help natural communication of your activities among a wide crowd of like-minded people. To see how you could fit in, or to become a consuming reviewer yourself, check out this bzzagent review from surveyssay. This could also be a great way to promote your social media accounts.
Auction Houses
     Placing your items on online marketplaces such as eBay will allow you to market your products even further. This won’t work for food items but can work for the homemade products. Sometimes a product with a little bit of love and affection from a mother and child is more important to a buyer than something flashy. This will work well for painted furniture, wicker baskets or similar items.
     In summary, the emphasis here should be providing fun for your child, using an activity that will help you bond. Even if you’re selling well, if your child isn’t enjoying the process anymore, there’s no point to the whole deal. Keep your maternal instincts in check, and you’re sure to have a great time together, making memories you’ll both keep for some time.



05/30/2017 12:57am

No business is small and what ever we do it should be done with good intention. I believe when our intntions are good we will get the success for sure. Glad to see your new venture and I a sure you will get the best results for this. I guess you have selected a good thing like lemonade is a good idea in this hot ruining summer.


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