You might be surprised how many places actually get overlooked in the family home. After all, as they are places we don’t use regularly, it’s easy for months to go past before we check out the area. But in the meantime, there might be issues developing in those particular areas. And as you know, a small issue can easily turn into a big problem if left untouched. Therefore, here are some places you must not forget to keep an eye on in the family home!
The loft

A lot of people tend to only go up to the loft when they are getting old stuff down. Or it’s time for holiday celebrations, and the Christmas decor needs to make an appearance. Therefore, it means for a good part of the year, it’s left untouched. But if you do go for months without looking in the loft, you might miss early signs of a problem brewing. For example, you can see if there is an issue with the roof via your loft. After all, you might see flashes of sunlight which can mean there might be tiles missing. And if you spot damp in your loft, it could mean you have a leak on your property that needs sorting . Therefore, make sure you go up into the loft at least once every other month to check if everything is okay.
The basement

Another area of your home which is often left untouched is your basement. After all, a lot of people don’t use their basement regularly so it can be weeks before they head down there. But you need to keep an eye on the basement as it’s easy for issues to start brewing that need to be stopped. For example, you might spot moisture which could be a sign of damp in your basement. And then you will have to get it repaired before bigger problems like mold start appearing. In fact, you might end up looking for help on sites like, so you know how to fix your wet basement. Also, you might have pests in your basement who are making a cozy home as you haven’t checked in ages. For example, rats or mice could be down in your basement. Therefore, check it out so you can stop an infestation in its tracks.

The shed

If you don’t go outside very often, it’s easy for months to pass without you going in your shed. But you need to make sure that you do keep an eye on your shed. After all, you might have some furry friends living in the shed. And if you don’t stop them quickly, you could end up with an infestation which moves through your garden and into your property. Also, you might have holes in the wood which could mean your whole shed gets flooded. And then your tools might all rust and get ruined. And you will have to look online on sites like for easy repairs for your shed. Therefore, keep an eye to ensure it stays safe and sound.

And remember to keep areas like the inside of cupboards clean. After all, these often go untouched but could lead to problems like mold and pests if left for ages!


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And the most famous overlooked place in mostly houses is the basement.

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