Moving into a new home generally means new bedroom layouts and even a changeover of who sleeps in with who when it comes to the kids. If you have a big family and the kids are currently sharing bedrooms, then a change in house can also mean moving into their own rooms. This then starts the big bedroom battle! Who gets the big bedroom? Are there enough rooms for each child? If not, who will have to share? It’s one big argument that you will be facing alongside moving to a new house and having to deal with packing and organising – which is one thing no one wants to deal with.
Decorating bedrooms for the kids is one of the most fun things about moving to a new home. For the most part, you get a blank canvas to start with and this can bring up all kinds of creative ideas you never knew you had. There are so many guides online for interior design ideas, but an area that is often lacking is the kid’s bedroom! Considering so many families are out there looking for the best ways to maximise space for smaller bedrooms, or balance the space for children who have to share a bedroom, there should be more ideas out there. The way you decorate your child’s space can have a huge impact on them as they grow up and ensuring that their personal space is comfortable and safe is in the best interests of every parent.

You may not be able to afford a themed bedroom with an entire indoor treehouse, but that’s not necessarily what a child needs in their life. You don’t always need a pirate ship shaped bed or a princess wagon, either, but if this is in your budget and your child would love it, then why not? Your little ones are only little once and if their bedroom feels like somewhere they can have fun and enjoy themselves in, then getting your thinking cap on and making it beautiful is going to be an amazing memory for them. They need somewhere to sleep that is comfortable, somewhere to hold their clothes and somewhere to do their homework. If you have more than one child in one room, then this is where you can get creative about how you organise the space. One word of advice here though: when it comes to being creative, be safe! There’s nothing safe about a bedroom full of hanging ropes and ladders, so be smart about your design ideas and keep the bedroom child-friendly as well as gorgeous!

So, when it comes to doing the design for your child’s bedroom, what should you get started with and what should you remember?

Colour. Believe it or not, the colour of your child’s bedroom can really affect their sleep and their calm. Painting a bedroom blood red is likely not going to make for a soothing, sleepy environment. Pastel colours like duck egg blue, lemon or lavender are perfect for a child’s bedroom, especially when they’re young. When you consider colours, choosing plain, neutral colours are so important – especially if you have a child with varied tastes who likes different character bedroom themes as time goes on! Sticking to neutral base colours with changeable accessories will save you a lot of money in the long run, as with each bedroom overhaul you won’t have to change the entire paint job on the walls. Keep the colours bright and airy, too, as matching to furniture will be so much easier!

Wall Décor. Wall stickers like these are extremely popular for children’s bedrooms, and you can get a variety to cover different age groups. Wall stickers aren’t the only décor options for a bedroom, though. You can use funky shaped mirrors as a signature piece on a wall, blown-up canvases with family photos and even simple posters to brighten up the bedroom. Children don’t really appreciate striking art pieces or wall-mounted radiators, so don’t over complicate it too much. The children’s bedroom should be beautiful but if you can sneak in some education posters, then definitely go for it! Giant, child-friendly world maps, math multiplication tables and alphabet posters are always popular for children’s bedrooms. With little children, a newly decorated bedroom can often be an invitation for displaying their own artwork from the crayon mines on the wall. You could easily diffuse this by painting a large square of chalkboard paint on the wall and allowing them to draw on that one area. You can really encourage their own artistry by doing this, and you can also allow your children to have fun. The best bit? Chalk is easily rubbed out, meaning they can draw again and again.

Taking some ideas from this website on frames that are friendly for a child’s bedroom is a good idea to show off artwork. You could create a gallery wall in their bedroom of all the pieces of artwork you can’t bear to be rid of and create a quirky, artistic look. You could also change the pieces out each year, meaning that as they grow, the quality of their art will have a defined change. It’s a lovely way to mark how they have grown!

Furniture. When you consider the furniture that you put in the bedroom for your child, it’s not just the type of wood you have to think about. You need to measure the space you have, you need to think about whether you’ll need bunk beds for more than one child in the room and you also have to decide on everything from the wardrobes to the mattresses. Children need comfort to be able to get the sleep they need so checking out this link  before you buy is a good idea. You want to make smart bedroom décor decisions and the mattresses you choose are going to make the difference between a great night’s sleep before school the next day.

Space is going to be the biggest issue and if you are tight on space, then be clever about your furniture choices. Cabin beds like these with storage underneath, and entire beds that have a desk and wardrobe built in underneath can be perfect for those smaller bedrooms. In the nursery, double up the dresser or cot with a change table and save the space you could use for other furniture options. For those of you with smaller budgets, plain and simple furniture is often the best option. You can, however, still get creative! Tying ribbons to the handles of the chest of drawers or wardrobes can really brighten them up. This instantly upgrades the look of the furniture, and you can even colour match the ribbon to the walls. Excellent look, minimum cost. You can do the same with closet doors, but instead of ribbon, adding magnetic boards and mirrors is a nice touch to brighten up plain furniture.

Attaching multi-closet organisers like these can help you maximise on shoe storage, sunglasses and sun hats and all those little pieces of clothing that you can’t find space for. Older children will really appreciate the space for all their trinkets! Speaking of older kids, these are the ones who need a desk and study area, so building a desk that is maximised for studying with a computer space will make an exciting difference to their studies. Encouraging independence is going to help your children go a long way in life!

Toys & Books. There is always a need for toy storage when there are children in the house, so maximising the space you have for toys is so important! Reading a story at bedtime is one of those things that all children really love, so creating a warm, inviting place for a shared reading area in the bedroom will be a wonderful addition to any room. You need some good lighting, a comfy chair for a cuddle and a bookcase stocked up with all the favourites from your childhood. The influence of storytelling from a young age can really change the way children see the world, so take advantage of that as early as possible. When it comes to the children’s artwork, you could string wire from one side of the room to the other high up and use small pegs like these to peg their creations. This is a great way to show off their creations and also a handy place to keep those pieces you just cannot get rid of.

Having a multi-function drawing desk like this in the bedroom is a great place to stash art supplies and if you add a small ottoman bench as a seat, you can store dressing up clothes and accessories for imaginative play. Creativity is important in a child’s life and keeping these things in their bedrooms will mean that they’re not laying around the house getting in your way!



People spend lots of money only to decorate their bed room but it now becoming trend that people are spending a lot of money to decorate their bathrooms. I don't know which direction world is going but its to shocked.


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