Let’s be honest here, no day is ever the same when you are a parent. You have so much to fill your days with, working perhaps, chores in the home, school runs, school pickups, and not to mention all the mom taxi driving you do from one after school club to the next. It can be exhausting. So it shouldn’t come as any big surprise to you, that things can often go wrong. Be that with the family, with the children, or in the home. I thought I would share some of the most common issues every mom can face, and hopefully, offer a few nuggets of advice to get you through.
The home. It is the place we relax in when the evening comes round, your pride and joy perhaps. But when things go wrong it can turn very quickly from your happy place into a disaster home.
When the appliances decide to breakdown

I hope to say that perhaps we have all been here at some point in our lives. The washing is on its final spin, the fridge has a fresh load of food shopping stored, the freezer is jam packed from your latest batch cooking session, and one of them decides to break down unexpectedly. Queue a lot of potentially wasted food and a washing machine that just won’t drain that last lot of water, or quite simply floods everywhere. It isn’t easy to stay cool in this situation, especially if you have a house full of children to take care of or a list as long as your arm of things to do.

However, having a savings pot for these eventualities can come in handy. Most stores will deliver within a 24 hour period, and if you have great neighbors, I’m sure they won’t mind storing some of that food for you, so it doesn’t have to be the disaster you originally thought. But, not all of us have a savings pot that can be utilized at that exact moment, which is why companies like Personal Money Store could help provide a short-term solution. You can visit their website for more information.

When the food shopping bill get’s out of control

Food shopping is that one bill that we have complete control over. You may not agree, but you certainly make a choice on what you buy and what you don’t. But the food bill can also be an expense that can get a little out of hand. Suddenly one trip becomes two, you buy things you already have in the cupboard, or you stick with brands instead of trying store alternatives. We have all done it I’m sure. This is why it’s important to take a hold on this particular spend and try and be as frugal as you can be. Choose an alternative store to shop in, make a list before you leave the house of exactly what you need, and consider things like meal planning. This is a great way to reduce your spending habits. You could also consider batch cooking, as buying some ingredients in bulk can work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

When the bills, in general, begin to mount up

It isn’t just the food bill that can cause you problems, your general monthly outgoings can all be taking a toll on your disposable income and opportunity to save. While you may not be able to stop a mortgage or rent payment, and you certainly need energy into your home, there are a few things you can consider to lighten the burden of those bills. Switching providers is a great way to get a better deal and reduce your monthly outgoing, you can also consider things like reducing your general usage of energy in your home. Switching lights off, switching technology items off instead of using standby, only boiling the kettle for the water you need. Even things like flushing the toilet only when you need to can help to reduce water rates. Another option would be to consider saving rain water for your plants and garden or even considering solar panels as an alternative way of obtaining energy.

No plan for any future savings

Saving money can be hard, especially if you don’t have much disposable income at the end. It can be a real pain for any mom wanting to provide or treat her family. But saving little and often can really build up over time. A great tip is to move any odd number out of you main account into your savings. For example, if your current available balance reads $347.89, you can round that down to the nearest whole number and move $7.89 to a savings account. Doing this, no matter how small each day can build up your savings without you even noticing. There are other methods to consider such as the dollar challenge, or monthly incentives to save. Just head over to websites like Pinterest for more information and inspiration.


Growth spurts in children, or needing new things for school

We all know that kids can grow unexpectedly and fast, so you can often find yourself in a situation where no clothes fit. So if you can, try and be organized and buy ahead of time. Using sales and discount codes or vouchers is a great way to reduce your initial outgoing, and you always will have a stockpile of items ready.

Outside of the home

It isn’t just in the home that we can feel like we are heading into disaster. Here are some of the most common things any mom can face.


The car breaks down

Just like when your appliances decide they aren’t going to work anymore, your car can do the same. More often than not this will be when you are running late or have somewhere to be. Car repairs can be quite costly, so again it’s time to consider using savings or a short-term solution to help you through. However, you can try and avoid that altogether by investing in a  breakdown service. This normally incurs a monthly fee but could save you in your hour of need.

Being late

Being late in general can be a huge bug bear to many moms. Whether that’s picking up your children or meeting friends for coffee. Even getting to work on time if you have to be the office by a certain time can be tricky. While there is no cure for this, the only advice anyone can give is to try and take some time to plan your week and set timings accordingly. Establishing a routine is a great way to try and avoid rushed situations in the future. Although sometimes it just can’t be helped.


Earning an income for the family

Finally, it can be tough to provide for your family. Whether you have a job bringing in a stable income or whether you stay at home and take care of the family, many moms will agree that they would love to bring in extra income into the home. There are things you can consider doing, and there are many success stories of moms creating huge incomes from doing some of these very things. You could start a blog or become a freelance writer or virtual assistant. You could fill in online surveys or perform mystery shops while you are out and about. You could even use a talent you have or something that you create to sell and take advantage of websites like Etsy. Sometimes if you think outside of the box, you can really put your amazing skills to good use.

I hope this helps you fellow moms out in some way.



06/14/2017 9:40pm

Being a parent is really a difficult one to handle anything easily. The posted post really helpful for every mom. Every parent have so many responsibilities to handle.

06/19/2017 8:33pm

Thank you for being such a helping hands to mom facing a situation like this. I believe that everyday is not a sunny day, and we will definitely face a situation like this. As a mom, you should know how to troubleshoot a problem. I know it's kind of hard, but no mother has become an expert if they didn't go through it! The tips are really helpful!!


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