When you have children, it’s all too easy for a relationship to lose its sense of romance. This is never done intentionally, of course. People want to have fun and be romantic with their partner. It’s just that the children usually take up so of your time: you’re either looking after them or trying to catch up on some rest when you do get the chance to have a break away from tending to their needs. However, what has been lost can be regained. Take our advice below and your heart will be swelling with romance in no time at all.
Setting Time Aside
The reason your relationship lost some romance in the first place is that it was running on autopilot. In between jobs, the home, and the kids, you forgot to make time for your partner! Well, no more. From now on you need to set time aside with your partner. It could be after the kids have gone to bed, or early in the morning before they rise. Whenever you can find the time, basically! It takes a conscious effort to have romance in a relationship. It’s rare that it “just happens,” especially if you’ve been together for years.

Getting Dressed Up
You’re used to seeing each other in your comfortable clothes. Indeed, it’s understandable that you might not put too much effort into looking your best when you’re always so busy! However, don’t underestimate the power of getting dressed up and looking your best. You’ll instantly feel romantic, and you’ll be reminding your partner just what they’ve been missing. And you’re not the only one who’ll make an effort, either. If mens suits make you swoon - and how could they not? - then have your husband or partner wear theirs for the evening. When you’re both out on the town, rolling back the years as you hop from one fancy joint to the next looking your absolute best, it’ll be difficult not to feel the magic of youth and romance.

A Break Away
Let’s keep hold of the staying dressed up and out on the town for a bit longer. But instead of just one evening, how about a whole weekend? This is what friends and family are for - looking after the kids so you can have a much-needed break! There’s something exciting about packing your best dress and just a few other items into an overnight bag and setting off for adventures yet unknown.

Like the Old Days
What did you use to do when you were young? Was it dancing, laughing around, watching films, or going to concerts? Whatever it was, don’t be afraid to travel back to the past for the evening. You’ll invoke those old feelings of excitement and fun, the perfect combination that allows romance to grow and grow.

A VowAnd for the future, a vow, from both of you: That you’ll strive to set time aside to keep your romance alive. There’s a lot going on in your life, most of them good, but romance is a joy of life. We all need it!



These rules are so so true! Like couples really do need to carve a time of their own if they want a good life ahead

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