Is your car ready for a roadtrip? Before hitting the road, it could be worth shopping around for some accessories. Not only could kitting out your car make the ride more comfortable, it could also give you more options of what to take with you. Here are some of the best accessories to arm yourself with before embarking on your highway adventure.
USB phone charger

Even if you do charge it up the night before, your phone is likely to go through more battery on a long roadtrip. Many of us will use our phone as a GPS, to stream music or simply as a device to keep the kids happy in the back. Being able to charge up en route can prevent running out of battery before getting to your destination. Some charger adaptors come with multiple ports and are useful for charging up multiple gadgets.


Whilst many of us have a GPS inbuilt into our smartphones, it can be worth having a separate GPS gadget to keep the phone free. This may allow you to use your phone to call people, to distract the kids with a movie or to use another driving app whilst still able to navigate oneself.

Roof rack

Family roadtrips can often be a squeeze. You can give yourself more space by fitting a roof rack to the top of the car. Luggage can then be stored at the top giving you more space to pack other belongings. For a more waterproof solution, a roof box may be more appropriate. These come in all shapes and sizes and could allow you to double your storage space.

Bike rack

For those days when you want to take a break from the wheel and be active, a bike rack can be ideal for giving you the option to go cycling. There are lots of different types of bike rack with some storing your bike on top, whilst others store it at the back. Other hobbyists may even want to fit racks for fishing rods or skis.

Safety Kit

Car safety kits are worth having in the event of a breakdown or accident. They include items such as warning triangles, first aid kits and fluorescent jackets. Some countries have even made having such a kit a legal requirement. You can also buy extras for different kinds of adventures. For example, if you’re travelling off-road or in very rural territory, it’s worth having a shovel and a tow rope. You may even want a jerry can if you’re unsure that you’ll come across a gas pump for a while.


Coolers can be useful for storing drinks and snacks on a long drive. This may prevent bottles of water from going warm. It may simply give you the option to take foods such as chocolate and milk and meats with you without worrying about them melting or going off. Some coolers are electric, whilst others offer a more economical icebox solution more suitable for shorter roadtrips.



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