If your child has just become a teenager, it may be the time to start talking about getting a job. It may be hard to imagine that happening because you still see them as being your little baby, and in a sense, they always will be - but you can't baby them forever. They are at that age now where it's important to start picking up valuable skills that will be used in adult life. By developing these early, they won't have such a shock as time goes on - instead, they should have a smooth transition from teen to 'adult.'
This can be done by encouraging them to get a part-time job. It doesn't have to be anything amazing or extraordinary - just something that gets them out of the house and teaches them a thing or two about working hard.
Here's why.
Your child may not have ever had to be responsible before, as you as the parent, tend to get everything done for them. By having a job, they will learn how important it is to be responsible in life, and take ownership for their mess ups, instead of putting them onto someone else. Not only that, but it will give them a sense of power and purpose because someone is relying on them to do the job right.
Working will give your child the experience in all sorts of areas, mentally and physically. They may really enjoy what they're doing, or they may hate going, but these feelings will determine what your child actually wants to do in the future. Pop into local stores and see if they're hiring anyone to come in part-time, whether that be to clean, great guests or serve them. You can find even more at jobapplicationcenter.com, so have an evening together where you browse online at the possible jobs available.
Your child will be put into a new environment that they may or may not be familiar with. As scary as it can be at first, they will soon get talking and socialize with others, and they might just find a new friend that share the same interests. This is ideal because your child will have good company, and come away with a new pal, and may have even learned a lesson or two from them about having a good work ethic and making goals towards the future.


Don't forget the rewards of all that hard work - money. They now have their own cash to buy things with. As ordinary as it sounds to you - your child's payday will be one of the best moments of their life, and you should encourage them to go wild and buy whatever they like. Their first payday should be a memorable one, and they earned it, so let them do whatever they like with what they have. The conversation about saving up like on nonperfectparenting.com, can be for another day.

Now you can have a talk, and ask them their opinions on the idea. Show them that you care about how they feel - it is their future after all. But brace yourself - your little one isn't so little anymore.



Government is not allowing for doing the job of children and also provide the education facilities. When children are being start the job in the early stage, then fully concentrate on work and don't focus on study. Part time job is the good sign of the student because they gain the experience with the passage of time..


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