Not everyone is able to get the advice they need to hear when they’re young. Often it takes repeated mistakes, foresight and the reflection on both of those happenstances that crafts a wise and knowledgeable adult. However, as the old saying goes, foresight teaches gently, while error teaches brutally. There are many things you need to know about becoming a functional adult, and not all of them are as obvious as you might expect. Luckily, with the right attitude and foresight, you can continue on your path with some form of wisdom. If you haven’t the parent or elder who can guide you through this time in your life, this guide will serve as a substitute.

Be sure to digest all of the advice here and see what it means for your own situation. A little foresight can mean plenty when you’re planning a life.

Unlike what many people tell you, or what you might think yourself after comparing yourself to your friends, you don’t need to achieve everything by your mid 20’s. While hard work ethic is something you’d do well to learn as early as you can if you’d like to achieve anything at all, that doesn’t mean you should suffocate yourself trying to work out your way to the top. A life spent getting to the top of a field you don’t enjoy could be considered relatively fruitless, no matter how much money you earn. Does that mean that all business leaders love working in their industry? Most likely, no. It might be hard to get excited about selling PVC pipes and heat exchangers. However, for most people, they stay in careers because the daily progression of their job comes within some approximation to what they like to spend their days doing.

Identify your strengths when picking a career, and balance that against your likes and hopes for the future. What is it you’d do in your free time that’s productive without being paid and without external pressure? It’s likely that very same field is the one which you could do very well working within.  For most people, however, even graduates, it will take multiple jobs to finally really assess what CAREER they’d like to begin. Experimentation is key here, and when you have the ability to make it in your youth, you should go after it with all your heart and ambition.


It might be more difficult for you to get on the property market these days, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to renting all of your life. Investing wisely such as through saving schemes or even purchasing a cheap flat abroad can give you a leg up in either living cheaply, subletting or selling renovated homes in your spare time. As with jobs, it’s likely that you’ll never understand the perfect location to live in until you experiment with different locations, countries, and cultures. This is why it’s so important to take vacations to areas you haven’t seen before. Don’t expect to secure your dream property just yet. That often doesn’t come until you find a place to settle your family, and even then it’s unlikely that it’ll be perfect until you’ve gone through many interpretations and explorations about what the perfect home decors means to you. Remember, there are no rulebooks when it comes to personal taste, so don’t expect everything to be perfect straight off, or for you to suddenly find your dream property in the first place you try to live. Have a little patience, live within your means, and be grateful for what you do have to truly keep a positive attitude towards your life.


Life has plenty of ups and downs, and you will experience the full spectrum of these over the next 20 years. However, being afraid of experiencing this changing nature of life will only make you brittle and even less able to deal with the challenges that arise. It’s always unfortunate when something dramatic happens in your family, or to one of your friends, but unfortunately, this is part of life. Progressing is something you must never fail to do, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. Keeping on top of your life, pushing it in areas that help you discover more about yourself and the world around you, as well as giving you that inclination to keep pushing through hard times. Over time, the ability to do this will net you outer and inner rewards which are enviable. Keep putting your best foot forward as much as you can do so and you’ll always know you’ll have done your best.


It’s no great failing in a human being to make mistakes, especially with someone so young as to not understand the cost of making them. Having 100% foresight with every situation in your life would render life boring and static. Learn as much as you can about the world around you. Tune into multiple news sources. Educate yourself about the central ideas between both sides of the political spectrum. Experience many different religious ceremonies, even if you have no desire or plans for religion yourself. Take holidays in places that you never would, simply to see how cultures express themselves. More importantly, don’t pretend to be right all the time. If you can’t listen and can’t adapt, you can’t change, and that makes you a boring and static person too. A lifelong learner will change their character and attitudes towards life many times, but this is so worth it that it’s almost impossible to argue the contrary.



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