There are some decisions that families should make together. It isn’t fair for one person in the family to make the decisions all the time, nor is it fair to exclude the kids. While of course the final say will be down to the adults in the family, including the kids in important decisions will make them feel more valued, and more excited for any changes to come.
Here are a few family decisions you should consider making together for a stronger bond and happier family:

Whether To Get A Pet

If you’re going to get a pet, everybody needs to be on board. Do you want to be the person who walks, feeds, and takes care of the pet 24/7? You want everybody to chip in, because that’s what having a family pet is about!

Where To Move

Moving house is a big decision, whether you’re planning on move down the road or to another city. You should discuss this with the family as early as possible. If it’s an unavoidable move, say, for work, then you can still discuss it with the family. For example, you could perhaps have your kids look at schools and give their opinions.

What Car To Purchase

Choosing the perfect family car is a great feeling! Kids may not know much about cars, but they know whether they are comfortable, and you know whether they are going to be safe. Looking at cars together can be a fun bonding experience. Then all you need to do is decide whether you’ll buy outright or lease!

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10/21/2017 10:34pm

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