It's more of a common occurrence nowadays: people are getting married later and saving the big day until they’re ready and happy for it. Kids are included as a result, instead of being the traditional gift of a new house when the couple moves into together. With families more likely to be blended in the modern era, and new opportunities arising due to the change in social conventions, planning the big day has a few more elements to it. There’s plenty of ways to make sure you include your children, so here’s a few nifty ideas on how to include the best people in your life in the a wedding celebration.
Let Them Design The Menu

Okay, maybe not the entire menu, but at least let them incorporate a kids’ menu. Or maybe you like the idea of the childish element, because it means you’ve included your little ones in the planning process and you want that to show. No matter what you decide, a menu labelled by children can be a lot of fun!

Even when it comes to the cake and dessert picking, take them along to the appointment with the baker and promise them plenty of tasty food if they promise to be good! Kids give the most enthusiastic responses of all, and they can be very honest as they don’t have our filters. You’ll know exactly how good each cake is, or what looks the best, based on their facial expressions alone.

Have the Perfect Page Person!

Having your kids around you on the big day can give you some comfort and a little hint of extra happiness. It also makes sure that your children get to see mommy and daddy tying the knot, a pivotal moment in anyone’s life.

Your kids can act in any role you want them to, either as a flowergirl, page boy, or ring bearer. To paint a picture: there’s nothing like turning to see your youngest skipping up to you, carrying a 77 Diamonds engagement ring and the like, whilst in a cutesy little flower crown, and feeling your face light up with love, knowing how well your big day is going.

Make Gift Bags Together

The idea of a present just for showing up is something we can all get behind, and kids’ parties are often a lot more fun because of it. However, as an adult we have little use for pocket dolls or yoyos. Break out the mini bottles of champagne!

Kids can bring a great down to earth element to a gift bag, on the other hand. Hand drawn little doodles on the back of a heart card saying ‘thank you for coming’ is a lovely touch, and just a small tidbit of the amount of creativity the both of you can get up to with this idea.

So go wild with your wedding plans and have the big day of your family’s dreams. Mark the beginning of a new life together with love and pride.



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